Let him count the ways that Ohio tax dollars are abused

Last week I heard Lib- erty Township Admini- strator Pat Ungaro addressing local economic problems on talk radio. He felt it is necessary for the state to fund local schools, cities, townships, and counties with more money so that they could properly function without having to raise local taxes. Of course this would mean that the state would have to raise taxes. Consider a few stories that were in our local papers over the past year:

Six policemen retire and collect $250,000 in unused sick and vacation pay.

Wendy Webb retires and is paid $125,000 in unused sick and vacation time.

Jimmy Hughes receives $500,000 from the DROP program upon retirement.

The superintendent of Warren schools is let go and is paid $60,000 in unused sick and vacation time and is also paid for her last six months of salary without even having to show up for work.

The superintendent of the Columbiana County Board of Education retires and starts collecting $90,000 per year retirement and then is hired back at $120,000 per year.

A local firefighter retires after 30 years but he elected to receive his $49,000 in unused sick and vacation time as salary in his final year and thus his yearly retirement is increased from $45,000 to $57,000 per year.

In all of these cases our local leaders claim that the taxpayers saved money. If under the present system they are correct, then it is time to change the system. If local government agencies want more money to function, then my advice to Mr. Ungaro and other local politicians is the same as Dorothy’s in the Wizard of Oz: Look no farther than your own backyard.

Gov. Kasich, I want you to know that I am greatly disappointed that you tucked your tail and ran when Senate Bill 5 was defeated.

If you truly believed in what you were doing, you should have counterattacked with a vengeance. If your advisers don’t know how, call me and I’ll help you.

Rodger Shuback, Salem