Dem dinner merited coverage

Dem dinner merited coverage

I am not sure what Mahon- ing County Republican Party chairman Mark Munroe is complaining about with his recent letter to the editor. Is he complaining about being accused of “political malfeasance,” or is he complaining about unfair coverage by The Vindicator?

The coverage of the Democratic Hall of Fame Dinner was appropriate, considering the event honored public officials who dedicated most of their careers to serving the people of Mahoning County. Add to that the appearances of dynamic Democratic leaders, such as U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown and Rep. Tim Ryan, and you have a newsworthy event.

The Republican McKinley Banquet, an annual event, offered U.S. Sen. Rob Portman, who was to give “…a first-hand account about Washington politics and current events in our nation’s capital”— more talk about not raising taxes on rich people and cutting government programs. Yawn!

Surely, though, Munroe can’t be complaining about the “political malfeasance” thing, considering I could find the names of only two or three Republicans on Mahoning County ballots. One is running for commissioner and the other two for the state central committee.

As for the important congressional seats, four democrats were running, one tea party member (the incumbent), and a guy no one has ever heard of, who may or may not be a Republican.

So really, what’s Mr. Munroe’s complaint? Where are his Republican candidates?

G.J. Jones, Boardman