Protect water before anything else

Protect water before anything else

Present Ohio law does not adequately protect clean water running in underground aquifers, rivers and streams. Our laws do appear to protect the natural gas drilling interests. However, you can’t take a cool, clear drink of natural gas on a hot day. Can’t bath in it, can’t wash with it, can’t water crops and livestock with it. Clean water is essential to life. Are we trading natural gas royalties for clean water?

The new horizontal drilling techniques are very destructive to the earth beneath us, exploding ancient rock strata, flooding natural gas wells with millions of gallons of water and chemicals, and all the while attending operations with armies of large trucks. These new drilling techniques are being used on wells which are rapidly covering Ohio. Chesapeake Energy says we will never, or almost never, notice a difference, but it appears we will become a statewide industrial zone. What chance for a clean glass of water then?

Susan H. Mentzer, Poland

Radio’s answer to pro wrestling

The recent Rush Limbaugh firestorm has rocketed its way to all the media headlines, exactly as it was intended to do.

It is incredulous that anyone would expect anything else given the man’s track record. Perhaps it would help if his program were prefaced with the disclaimer “For entertainment purposes only.” You don’t have to listen to his program for more than three minutes to realize that it is the talk radio equivalent of pro wrestling. Anyone who takes all that meaningless drivel seriously must have an elevator that doesn’t reach the top floor.

Consider the man himself. Here is a man who, not once, but several times, has failed to operate the smallest unit of society, a family. He has yet to successfully operate even a family of two, one being himself, and that under the best circumstances. Yet, millions hang on his every word daily as he pontificates his ideas of managing a nation of some 300 million people under myriad circumstances. If that isn’t the walking definition of absurd, I shudder to contemplate what is.

Before jumping off the deep end over anything Limbaugh says, one needs to factor in that what he does is fully intended to shock, enrage and generate huge incomes for himself and his unprincipled sponsors. Is it working? Check the figures, and you tell me.

Mike Halchuck, Canfield