Keep postal center in Youngstown

Keep postal center in Youngstown

I am saddened to see the loss of these jobs at our postal processing center.

I wrote in great support of the Youngstown center as we have placed much money into that building and its drives and sidewalks and sewage in the last year. All new concrete was laid, drainage put in, new roof, things that would make that building viable for several more years, along with the fact that we are the hub of a circle from Erie, Pa., Ashtabula, Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Steubenville, Pittsburgh, New Castle, Mercer County, and all other cities inside the circle.

I also pointed out that we had several, “on ramps” within a half-mile of our postal center to be on the highway in any direction, and we do not have the never-ending highway construction that the Cleveland corridor has, which will slow the mail further.

I also pointed out that we were in perfect alignment with Route 80 that goes east and west across the country, so what a better stop off point than right by 80? But obviously none of those things mattered.

A recent story in The Vindicator said a letter will have to go all the way to Cleveland and back to be delivered. To that I ask this: Why does not every post office in the Valley have a box for mail that is being delivered inter-city, and one box for inter-county mail, so that mail would not have to be hauled all the way to Cleveland? That just seems insane to me. Let’s have my Pony Express horse deliver your mail from Austintown to Boardman but we have to do it by way of riding to Cleveland first. Out of town mail should go out of town, not local mail.

And my main question is this: How are all the businesses and courts and police and other agencies with “time sensitive” documents going to be ale to go about their work properly with a two-three day delivery which is basically an unsure time period? That mail is critical from probate to jury duty, and it’s much more important in criminal cases where some case could be dropped if too much time passes.

And what about utilities that could be shut off if no leeway? Banks and businesses don’t have to abide by these postal regulations and could tack on penalties and late fees for people because of this window, and that’s for one-day delivery becoming two-three day delivery, which is local mail. What about a bill that has to go clear across the country to be paid, like someone’s mortgage? People could lose their homes. Our lawmakers need to rethink this and find a better plan.

Lisa Beth Moore, Youngstown