It’s time for Lordstown leaders to report the facts on turbines

It’s time for Lordstown leaders to report the facts on turbines

At about this time last year, the village of Lordstown installed two Bergey wind turbines at a cost of $131,700. This was done despite detailed information showing that the turbines would not produce enough electricity in their entire functional lives to repay the investment, not even close. I will gladly re-submit the analysis to anyone interested.

To my knowledge, the only reason Lordstown council made this “investment” was that $118,000 of the $131,700 came from the federal and state governments, offsetting the investment loss.

Some months ago there was an indication that the wind turbines might not be putting out the amount of electricity that was expected, but when this was discussed in The Vindicator, some people suggested that we should wait for a full year to measure the actual annual output of the wind turbines, before we passed judgment.

The year is now up. Who is going to report to us exactly how many kilowatt-hours of electricity the Lordstown turbines managed to produce during their first year of operation?

I think we deserve to know exactly what our money bought us.

Jerry Graf, Berlin Center

No honor in a food-stamp society

Recent comments made about President Obama by Jesse Jackson should be regarded as distasteful. Jackson said that (referring to President Obama) “it’s an honor to be a food stamp president.” Jackson then listed all the great things food stamps do for the country. He noted that food stamps feed the children, help the farmers, and even went as far as to say that food stamps hire people. The comments made by Jackson represent an America that has given up all hope in conservative ideals. The notion that success in this country is through individual effort, rather than government-subsidized entitlement programs, is dying in this country. People should ask not what their country can do for them but rather what they can do to better themselves.

President Obama has added more than 10 million Americans to the food stamp rolls over the last three years. Unlike Jackson I feel there is nothing honorable about it. In fact it’s backwards thinking as if food stamps will jump-start the economy that got us into the economic climate that we have today.

Samuel J. Myers, Canfield