Fitch cheerleaders sponsor murder mystery dinner


Neighbors | Sarah Foor .The cast of Floriano Production's March 3 murder mystery dinner at Fitch High School were already in character before guests even arrived. The show, dubbed "A Killigan's Island Wedding: 'Til Death Do Us Part" featured complicated love triangles and an unsolved murder.


Neighbors | Sarah Foor .The March 3 murder mystery dinner is one of the largest fundraisers for the Fitch High School cheerleaders. Cheerleading coach Chrissy Farr (far right) and her girls smiled before preparing to lend a hand serving food during the dinner event.


For the second annual Murder Mystery Dinner on March 3, guests to Austintown Fitch High School were treated to a “three-hour tour” of Gilligan’s Island that ended with a puzzling murder.

The dinner, named “A Killigan’s Island Wedding: ‘Til Death Do Us Part,” was helmed by Cleveland-area entertainment company Floriano Productions.

The event is a major fundraiser for the Fitch High School cheerleaders. Cheerleading coach Chrissy Farr said the dinner will provide about $4,000 that helps offset the cost of buying uniforms and warm up gear, as well as projects throughout the year that bolster school spirit.

“We’re very happy to be continuing our Murder Mystery Dinner tradition. It’s a night of fun for the community and it’s great to have our cheerleaders get involved in the project,” Farr said.

Last year, the Fitch teachers and staff starred in the mystery, but the March 3 event hosted by Floriano Productions offered professional performers with acting and singing chops.

Gilgamesh Taggett, a managing partner of the production company and actor in the mystery, said he and his fellow cast mates are proud to offer their experience to great causes like the fundraiser.

“It’s an honor to apply our talents to great causes like tonight’s event. The sign of success for us is a crowd that is happy and entertained, so it’s a bonus to offer support for a bigger cause as well,” Taggett said.

Guests to “Killigan’s Island” were asked to solve the murder of Thurston Howell on the eve of the wedding of Gilligan and Ginger. During dinner, catered by the Saxon Club and served by the Fitch cheerleaders, mystery detectives were asked to untangle the complicated relationships among those on Gilligan’s Island to solve the murder.

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