Youngstown police probe 2 home invasions

By John W. Goodwin Jr.


Police are investigating two home invasions, including one case where the suspect was caught and detained by the homeowner and a friend but then escaped police custody.

According to police reports, a 42-year-old Millet Avenue woman and her 42-year-old boyfriend who lives in Austintown apprehended a man suspected of breaking into the Millet Avenue home. Reports say the couple was found by police standing in the front yard with the suspected thief.

The woman told police she knows the 20-year-old man because his mother once lived next door to her. She said the man rode his bike to the house early Tuesday, then returned without the bike later in the day, climbed a back fence and opened the back door to the house.

The woman, who was getting dressed for work, heard the chime of the alarm system and went to see who was coming in the West Side house. She found the 20-year-old man standing in the doorway.

The suspected thief tried to run, but the woman grabbed him and the two struggled until the woman’s boyfriend happened to come to the home and join the fight. The couple held the man for police.

Police noted he sustained cuts to his hands and a swollen eye in the fight.

The suspected thief told police he did not break into the house. He said he jumped the fence and went into the house because he missed the woman’s dog and wanted to visit the animal.

The 20-year-old managed to escape from custody while officers were conducting the initial investigation. He ran from the police car in which he was being held.

In another case, a 27-year-old East Myrtle Avenue man told police he heard heavy banging on his kitchen door late Tuesday night and awoke to find two women and a man demanding he come downstairs.

One of the individuals, he said, had a gun.

The man said he hollered that he was calling the police and the three ran out of the South Side house.

He said he saw the three people get into a minivan and leave the area.

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