Outpouring of help for cleanup proves Youngstown still rocks

Outpouring of help for cleanup proves Youngstown still rocks

It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood! Thanks to all the great people of Youngstown and surrounding areas for their help in cleaning up the house and property of Rik Blake on Lora Avenue.

I first had this idea when I was standing outside of Rik’s house talking to a gentleman who had offered to do his plumbing. People were there dropping off items such as a bed, dog food, etc. I was going to call my Crandall Park South Neighborhood Association and the other North Side associations to help Rik clean up a little bit while I thought of how I could help him.

Within an hour, the work day was off and running. The past six days, I’ve been told I had lost my mind and was called determined, then stubborn and feisty.

I’ve said many, many times during these days of complete madness that I have been overwhelmed, amazed, and humbled to have been able to be a part of this cleanup. Thanks must go to businesses that stepped up to this challenge with responses of “Just tell me what you need” (I must mention Uptown Pizza — who I hadn’t talked to before T-shirts had started printing), to local contractors who said, “You get me what I need and I’ll get it done,” to the citizens who asked, “What do you want me to do?” and to the people from Toledo to Texas who emailed.

Finally thanks must be given to Ashley Luthern and The Vindicator, Phil Kidd of Defend Youngstown, Eric Holm of Crandall Park South Neighborhood Association, and Peggy Gurney of Cochran Park Neighbors, who was my go-to gal.

Without them it would not have been possible. It was a great day with much accomplished. We’ll keep you posted on the progress. Youngstown Rocks!

Connie L. Lauderdale, Youngstown

More Bible, less Quran for liberals

All right I admit it. I’m a devout atheist and libertarian, so in the recent dust-up between the left and right over Christian values, one can say I don’t have a dog — or should I say “God” — in the fight.

But as a fallen Catholic, former altar boy and Catholic school student, I sometimes wonder how nice it would be if President Obama and the liberals and socialists in government would support Christianity and the Bible half as much as they support Islam and the Quran.

Frank Santolla, North Lima