Romney shows resilience

Romney shows resilience

Dallas Morning News: A quick and easy summation of Mitt Romney’s victories Tuesday would be that he simply avoided disaster. A loss in Michigan, where he grew up as the son of a popular governor, would have set off panic among Republican power-brokers.

But in a GOP primary season that has defied easy analysis, Romney showed resilience.

His easy win in Arizona was expected; Michigan was another matter. Even with Romney’s home-state advantages, Rick Santorum had a significant polling edge two weeks out.

Only in the closing days — thanks to a shaky Santorum debate performance and some campaigning gaffes — did Romney rally to a 3-point victory. “We didn’t win by a lot,” he said, “but we won by enough.”

If so, the proof is dead ahead. Washington state’s Saturday caucuses are followed by what could be a decisive Super Tuesday, with GOP voting in 10 states, including pivotal Ohio.

If Romney is right, it could well be that his tight focus on economic issues won the day in Michigan.

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