GOP reaps what the press sows

GOP reaps what the press sows

I read Bertram de Souza’s Feb. 26 column in The Vindicator with a laugh. What you sow, so shall you reap. After all the negatives and condemnations of the Republicans not only by the media, but also by Mr. de Souza himself, why would a Republican invest his time and money to run for public office in a solid robotic-like Democratic area?

What chance would a Jew or Christian have of holding public office in a Muslim Arab country? About as much chance as a Republican winning an election in Mahoning County. Your readers, as evidenced by letters published in your paper, reflect what they read in your paper.

They look at Republicans as rich, cruel, heartless people who want to punish the elderly by denying Social Security and Medicare (Democrats reduce funding for Social Security through payroll reduction), make the rich richer and everybody else poor by denying jobs and laying off those lucky enough to have jobs and abolish the unions. Harry Reid says the Republicans want to poison the water we drink by increasing the amount of arsenic in the water. All Democrats think Republicans are bad people because the Republicans want to stop abortion (killing babies).

Some day when Democrats come out of the coma they have been lulled into and realize the utopia they have been promised by Democrats is not going to happen, then and only then will a Republican in the Mahoning Valley have a chance at being elected to public office.

Do you remember when this area was promised two finance centers by President George H.W. Bush, but it took newly elected President Bill Clinton to make that disappear faster than a paycheck?

Frank Greggo, Boardman