Crumbling morals take their toll

Crumbling morals take their toll

When a building develops cracks in the walls, the first priority should not be to patch the cracks but to determine what caused them. Usually, the foundation is sinking. The prevailing opinion seems to be that the biggest problems in America are the economy and the health of the financial system. I say these are cracks. The cracks are forming because the moral foundation of our country is sinking.

The Bible is very clear about what is sin and what isn’t. Those who do not have a moral foundation in their lives are reluctant to acknowledge that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and therefore true and trustworthy. If I disagree with God’s Word, I am the one who is wrong, however much I feel otherwise.

Abortion and homosexuality are two major sins that have been legalized by our federal government in contradiction to God’s Word. Life begins at conception. Because everyone’s DNA is different, DNA evidence is enough to convict or clear a person of a crime. The DNA of a fetus is different from that of its mother. Therefore, it is not part of her body; it is a different person. A fetus is not potential life; it is a life with much potential.

At least two passages in the New Testament clearly indicate that homosexuality is wrong. The reproduction of the human race can only take place between a man and a woman. To say that you were born gay is irrelevant. We are all born with many mental, emotional, and biological traits that were not in God’s initial perfect design for the human race.

God has blessed this country abundantly, but if we legalize what He has forbidden, He will remove those blessings. I believe 9/11, the financial crash and the economy are all warning signs from Him. If God allowed His people Israel to go into captivity because of idolatry, what makes us think He will overlook America’s sins? We need to repent of our personal and national sins and ask for mercy from a gracious God before it is too late.

Lawrence Cavicchi, Youngstown

Safety of a child comes first

Being Italian-American, being from Youngstown, and having been raised in a Catholic family, I’m aware of the church’s rich traditions and contributions to the community. I write now neither as a Catholic or non-Catholic but as an outraged reader. How and why Rev. Michael Seifert did not report the sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl to the police is beyond me. The universal, secular code of human dignity should, on any given day, trump Catholicism’s Code of Canon Law.

I understand the function of confession. That said, sexual assault leaves a stone bruise on the soul. I do not believe that God would have faulted Seifert for breaking what Bishop Murry referred to as “the sacredness of the Seal of Confession” by reporting child molestation to the proper authorities. What is more sacred than the well-being of a child?

Christopher Lettera, Hubbard

Political parties are selling us out

The show must go on. And so it is with the Republican Party. We all remember the Republican debates where all of the candidates were blasting Mitt Romney because he was the front-runner. They couldn’t find one thing they liked about him. They looked for any opening they could find to try to discredit him for the office. Now, all of the Romney haters are backing him for the office they all wanted.

Have you heard even one of them bring up anything they said about him in the debates? No, and you won’t because they are all Republicans and will join together to get the party into the White House. That is the comedy of politics and hypocrisy to the highest degree.

And, as for the reigning president, all he talks about is what he has done. He forgets to mention all of the promises he made while running for the office he now holds, and never kept a single one of them. So, what he has done is simply, nothing. The two party system is a farce and we, the voters, who are wasting our time voting, actually believe they want to help us even though they are turning this country into a nation of the rich and the poor with no hope for the future.

There is only one man I think of that would make a great president, and that man is Colin Powell. He actually has morals and a conscience. Something that is lacking in the two men who want to own the White House and keep selling us down the river by making China and all the other countries the working class of our country with their cheap labor and no controls/standards of any kind in their making of those products.

This used to be a country of standards one could be proud of, but that is the distant past. Now the only standard is the love of money, no matter the real cost.

Rea Buttermore, Boardman