Tom Sowell forgets his history

Tom Sowell forgets his history

Once again, a member of the Hole-in-the-Head gang picks up a quill to write of the divergent ideologies of the left. Tom Sowell’s assessment of President Obama’s political makeup is both impudent and asinine.

Adolph Hitler’s famous quote: “Tell a lie, tell it often and people will believe it’s the truth” was extensively utilized by George W Bush: 1) No Child Left Behind will fix education — yet The Vindicator runs a scathing editorial about how bad it was; 2) “Saddam had WMD” — three separate individuals/entities revealed that it was not so. Of course, there were many more instances, but those two examples are enough for now.

Corporate capital enables companies to hire people, not individual tax cuts. Ole Sorrowful Sowell makes no mention of that fact in his discourse. In fact, there hasn’t been one conservative pundit or poll who has. Medicare and Social Security funds will continue to diminish because employers and workers in China, Malaysia, or Mexico do not pay into those accounts.

One of my dictionaries defines fascism as: rejection of liberal ideas such as freedom and individual rights and often presses for the destruction of elections, legislatures, and other elements of democracy. Sounds more like conservative ideology than liberal ideology, Tom. Where was “We the People” Sowell when there was no oversight of Wall Street? Where was Terrible Tom when troops were pulled out of Afghanistan to fight the illegal war in Iraq? Wasn’t Ole Tom against the GM bailout that Mitt Romney is now taking credit for?

Mr. Sowell would do well to read a Bible and understand the Social Works of Mercy and the Spiritual Works of Mercy to know where all the cuts proposed in the Ryan-of-Wisconsin budget will hit.

Before one throws a stone, one much be cognizant of the words of Spanish Philosopher George Santayana: Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

John Zordich, Youngstown

America: Prepare for change now

With the U.S. Census now projecting changing demographics in America, the United States of America will be a majority multi-cultural (and for the first time non-white majority) country by 2050.

I believe it is time for the American people to have a reality check and face up and stand up to this changing demographics in America now rather than later. And now start finding and have real solutions to all the neglected issues in America because of race; especially in education, politics, employment, business, television, the media, the arts, religion, and government, and a ready workforce.

In 30 years America will be a majority multi-cultural nation; and the country will need multi-cultural solution and ideas to all of America problems as it relates to racial issues and the changing American demographics that will be coming to America in 2040.

Willie James Richards, Youngstown