Holy cow! Many dared to dance to dance band at Covelli show

Holy cow! Many dared to dance to dance band at Covelli show

I don’t usually write letters to editors. Maybe it is time to start. I don’t usually attend events at the Covelli Centre. It is definitely time to start.

My wife and I attended the Earth, Wind, and Fire concert June 10 at the center.

Two words: Fantastic. Fantastic.

Philip Bailey and ensemble were incredible and The Youngstown Symphony was extremely hip and equally awesome.

This was truly a great show.

The only negative I experienced happened 15 milliseconds after the first note of the concert, when my wife and 90 percent of the attendees leaped to their feet to the opening number, “Boogie Wonderland.” She was immediately asked to sit down because she was blocking the view of the neighboring, seated, ticket purchasing spectators.

I certainly agree that it would be annoying to pay good money to see a show only to have an obstructed view. It is certainly a nuisance to have to keep moving back and forth to see around someone in the row in front of you. It would be completely bothersome to not be able to see the band and the rest of the people in the arena on their feet dancing. Did I mention this was Earth, Wind, and Fire?

It is a dance band.

I am sure there is proper etiquette to how one should act when attending an event like this, and Emily Post may have been appalled at the room’s behavior; however, if in attendance, she too would have been on her feet, shaking her money maker. It was, after all, Earth, Wind, and Fire, people.

Perhaps a warning should be placed on ticketing websites indicating, “Caution: People may want to have fun and express themselves through dance during this event. Purchase Tickets Carefully.”

To those of you seated in Section 215 that had their evening ruined by my dancing wife, I am sorry. I would suggest however, you don’t get tickets near me for The Red Hot Chili Peppers or Justin Bieber.

If you prefer an event where everyone will remain seated, maybe try Perry Como’s next show. Is he still touring?

David Shoffstall, Poland