There’s a new girl in town

There’s a new girl in town

We are reminded every day in some way or another that there is a new Youngstown.

After years of pulling ourselves and our hometown from the depths of population loss, apathy and many unflattering nicknames, Youngstown now seems alive and well and getting better and better. It’s almost as if we’ve been adrift waiting for some magic potion No. 9. Lately we notice a spot of color its cheeks and a sparkle in its eye. “We’re back, Baby!”

But still, if you’re on a quiet downtown street and listen closely you can hear the ghosts of the steel mills whispering, “Remember me, remember me”.

Jean Deibel, Canfield

Venus takes on a new dimension

The front page story in last Wednesday’s Vindicator made it sound as if no one in the Valley got to see a clear view of the transit of Venus.

I wish to assure you, that my wife and I got a perfectly clear view of the transit from 8 to 8:30 PM at the Howland soccer fields. I am sure that many patient people also saw this astronomical sight. It was impressive. Venus seemed larger as a spot on the sun than it does as a star in the night sky.

Donald Butler, Warren