Action needed to reduce violence

Action needed to reduce violence

When is the violence going to stop? The East and South sides of town are constantly riddled with gunshots, violence and killings almost every day. No one seems to be concerned. Is it because the victims are black males and females?

I recently read in your paper that the chief of police plans to put more police patrols in the downtown area. I haven’t heard of any killings or muggings recently in that area. The crime on the South Side appears to be in a three or four block area. That area should be patrolled constantly, not just when a call comes in to say it is black on black crime. No one cares. Well I for one care that our youth are so distraught or hardened that taking a life means nothing. How are these youth getting guns? Where are the parents?

We as a community need to step up and take a stand against the violence. We have become so complacent that violence has become the norm. Don’t just talk, we need action, get out of your comfort zone.

The prosecutors and judges should be held responsible for allowing plea bargaining in murder, rape and violent crimes. In a recent case the murderer was given six years, again black on black crime.

There is such an out cry from the community when a dog is abused. Large fines are imposed or in some instances jail time. When our children are killed, it’s another story.

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of all the crime, so let’s hold the mayor, council, churches, police and the entire community responsible for cleaning up the crime.

Please do something about the crime.

Olla L. Tate, Youngstown