Anger at Austintown bus plan

Anger at Austintown bus plan

As the parents of a St. Chris- tine student, we are writing to protest the proposed change to our busing situation. The Austintown Board of Education says its plan is based on the Ohio Revised Code, and it has the right to offer alternative transportation and it is doing this by offering WRTA public transportation. Well that same code also requires the district to provide safe, timely transportation to our children, and the proposed WRTA option is not safe or timely.

Requiring our eight-year-old son to ride public transportation alone to and from school is not safe. In fact, it’s absolutely crazy. He would have to walk over a mile to and from the WRTA bus stop because the buses do not stop near our home or at St. Christine’s. Our eight-year-old son would have an unsupervised layover at the downtown WRTA bus terminal, which is one of the highest crime areas in the city. He would be unsupervised, at risk and scared to death. And to top it all off, he would be late for school every single day. This so called “option” is completely ridiculous.

We have supported school levies in the past, but if the board goes through with this proposed change, we will never vote for another Austintown school levy. We will also make sure that all of our friends and family in Austintown vote against future levies as well.

Our son has every right to ride the bus like any other Austintown child. We all pay the same taxes. Stop discriminating against the Catholic school children, and stop putting money before the safety and welfare of these children. Do the right thing.

Glendon and Tarra O’Hara, Austintown