Attack on Paterno is unfair

Attack on Paterno is unfair

I am very upset how Joe Pater- no, a loving and kind man who cared about helping young people and loving his wife and kids, is being treated.

To blame him for what this other sicko did to those poor kids is a bigger crime. He didn’t see him do it and he went and told two men ;they were the ones that covered it up.

Paterno and the president of the college should not be blamed for this cover up. Taking his statue away to me shows no respect for a man who loved his college, helping young people and his family. He had helped more young people in his lifetime than anyone else. Now they want to kill Penn State football and take away from the young men that want to play football for this college.

Shame on them. They are going too far to hurt everybody at this college — to take away their dreams to go to this great college because of one man who did this crime to these kids and the two men that covered it up.

Everyone at that college — the great coach and the great players and the fans and the great young people who go to this college — are being blamed for it too. This is wrong; this is a bigger crime.

Lena Fox, New Middletown