Socialism isn’t coming; it’s here

Socialism isn’t coming; it’s here

While mortally grave but at the same time sidesplittingly hilarious, the “Marxist in Chief,” Barack Obama, daily attacks the free enterprise system for America’s ills.

For you uninformed out there, the left with the help of the feckless Republicans, destroyed capitalism and liberty decades ago and replaced it with an unconstitutional and destructive central government.

Well if it walks like socialism, and quacks like socialism, it’s socialism. God save us all from what’s coming.

Frank Santolla, North Lima

Parents get a break at the mall

I don’t live in Ohio; I live in Vir- ginia. The Cafaro Co. owns a retail mall near my home, Spotsylvania Town Centre.

Recently, Cafaro decided not to renew a contract with a service in our mall, Wiggle Worms. Wiggle Worms is a drop off entertainment center for children ages 12 months to 10 years old. Without Wiggle Worms, many local mommies and daddies would not be able to shop, grab dinner, or have a quiet date night with their significant other. They provide a much-needed service to the community.

After their closing was announced, hundreds of mommies and daddies raised concerns with Cafaro, who then decided to renew Wiggle Worms’ contract and give them an even better space in the mall.

The management at Cafaro heard our pleas, and for that we are truly grateful. Other companies probably would have ignored us.

Jennifer Homendy, Fredericksburg, Va.