Rome provides roadmap for U.S.

Rome provides roadmap for U.S.

The real problem in America and world societies is not the economy, jobs, taxes or any of the numerous other reasons that are cited by politicians and other so-called authorities. It is the same problem as the illness we see in society today. People get sick because they are not eating correctly and are sedentary. They got to a doctor who then prescribes a medication for the symptoms and not the real problem. Everyone wants a quick fix and most people are not willing to deal with the long term underlying problems.

People don’t learn from history and it has been said that if you don’t learn from history it is bound to repeat itself. The great Roman Empire failed for the same reasons that America and the world are failing today. There is a rapid increase in divorce and people are living together and having children without being legally married. This, in turn, has undermined the sanctity of the home and there are many homes with only one parent and insufficient guidance, discipline and love.

There is increasing debt in the government, and his has flowed down to the family. People are spending money they don’t have and are living on credit and borrowed money.

There is an abnormal love for sports, which are just glorified children’s games where players are paid ridiculously high wages and fans sit in the stands worshipping their false gods.

The nation has soldiers all over the world who are fighting battles that are not ours to fight while the real enemy is right here at home; greed, lust, selfishness, slander, irresponsibility and lack of commitment and faithfulness.

The cursing, sexual excess, violence is all over the TV, movies, internet, magazines, books, and media and then we wonder why even children are doing more and more evil things to one another.

And, finally, the nation that was based on freedom of religion and worship of the one true God has turned to idols and false gods that have no power, holiness or righteousness.

Pastor Leo Feher, Youngstown