A wish list for a stronger America

A wish list for a stronger America

I consider celebrating anoth- er Fourth of July to be sacred because of the price our forefathers paid for the freedom Americans continue to enjoy. Anyone living in our country, the greatest country in the world, should feel proud.

However, I find it sad that our country, once being the richest in the world, should find itself with so many of its people experiencing hunger, homelessness, joblessness and lack of basic needs. I believe the wars our country have been engaged in for years will be paid for by future generations.

I believe American businesses that have gotten rich in our country and now move production to other countries are robbing their own people of a livelihood.

I believe our government should pack its Santa Clause suit in moth balls and help countries in times of disasters only. I believe other countries should also pitch in and give a helping hand.

I believe our justice system is lop-sided and needs straightening out. Justice for one and all should be achieved with truth and evidence. The personal wealth of the accused should not be allowed to manipulate the court with slick-talking attorneys.

I believe our government has been careless by allowing undesirables to enter our country.

I believe greater effort and manpower is needed to keep our streets and neighborhoods safe.

I believe higher education should be made more affordable for those who seek it.

I believe for any country to remain strong and prosperous, its leaders must have vision, wisdom, dedication and the mental and physical strength that the toughest job in the world demands.

I know that without our priceless freedom, expressing my beliefs in some countries would find myself silenced with torture or death.

Our country is a God-loving, beautiful, great land, and as in the past, our problems will be solved. As long as Americans cherish and never take their freedom for granted or abuse it, with God’s help, we will succeed. As a young child attending Holy Trinity School in Struthers, I remember being taught to thank God more than once, because with His job of watching over the whole world and all of its people He might not hear only one thank you.

Mary Lou Jurina, Struthers