A different view of bailouts

A different view of bailouts

There is more than one side to every issue. President Obama has said he put himself out front on the bailout issue. That is not the way I see it. He really put the taxpayer out front on all bailout matters.

If President Obama takes the credit for any success of bailouts, than he is to blame for the misuse and outright failures of those funds.

There was A.I.G., who received billions upon billions of dollars, using a lot of bailout money to share up their oversea offices and the jobs they provided.

No one should forget about the auto dealerships that had to close during the auto industry bailout.

The absolute failure was the energy company in California that went bankrupt after receiving $500 million in bailout funds.

As for my side of this bailout issue, I have to pay more for just the necessities of life. The cost of food has gone up as well as utilities and drug and medical coverage just to name a few. I certainly lost buying power of my modest and rather fixed income.

Donald Baker, Liberty