IRS: Not too late to file amended return

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The IRS is recommending the public check their financial records for both the past and current year and, if necessary, file an amended tax return.

“This is a good time for people to go through their records. It’s about halfway through the year,” said Jennifer Jenkins, spokeswoman for the Internal Revenue Service in Ohio and part of Pennsylvania. “In addition, people have been talking to their friends and neighbors. They may have learned about a tax credit they forgot to apply for.”

It still is possible for people to file an amended return from this year, she said.

Generally, taxpayers do not need to file an amended return to correct mathematical errors because the IRS automatically will make such corrections and send a printed notice.

“On the other hand, if you forgot to report income, you should also go ahead and file an amended return — sooner, not later. The sooner you correct the mistake, the lower any penalties and interest you may owe will be,” Jenkins said.

The Form 1040X cannot be submitted electronically and must be filed using the paper form and mailed. If more than one tax return is being amended, each 1040X should be in a separate envelope addressed to the appropriate IRS processing center.

Scams about owing money to the IRS or someone offering to help a person receive a refund also are common, Jenkins said.

Within the past month, scams mentioning the IRS have targeted military families. People need to remember the IRS does not communicate unsolicited through any type of electronic or social media, she said.

“Scams can take many shapes and forms, so you’ve got to be leery of scammers’ attempts to fleece hardworking people of their money through use of official-looking written and electronic means,” Jenkins said. “Real IRS notices are delivered only by the U.S. Postal Service.”

For information about amended returns, or to print a copy of the Form 1040X, go to and click on the link to Forms and Publications, or visit the IRS YouTube channel,

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