Tax money shouldn’t go to the dogs

Tax money shouldn’t go to the dogs

I opened up The Vindicator the other morning and read about the Austintown dog park. It’s “only” going to cost $20,000 coming out of the park budget.

I think Austintown should read the rest of the article, Boardman’s dog park is being built with donations. They are also going to charge a yearly fee and give the people keys to open up the gate.

A few weeks ago there was an article about Austintown and houses that need torn down, but the township didn’t have the money. It seems to me if the Park Department has $20,000 to spit away, they could transfer it over and get some of these houses torn down.

I’m not against the dog park but just the way we are going to fund it. I know I will probably hear a few Grr’s, barks and woof-woofs, but I just would like to see the taxpayers’ money spent wisely.

Andy Pappagallo Sr., Mineral Ridge (Austintown Township)