A case of thanks, but no thanks

A case of thanks, but no thanks

Day in and day out I read in the newspaper and hear on the TV people telling veterans to bring in their ID card for a free this or that or be told to bring their ID card to get a discount on something or other.

The problem I have with this is the misinformation that is bring spread here by the news media and the people making these offers. As a former Army veteran, I do not have an ID card, because the Army took it the day I was discharged.

This is the same for all other veterans who did not retire or became disabled or who went into the reserves. I thought I was wrong at first about this, but I have talked to many veterans and they tell me the same thing that on being discharged from the service their ID cards were taken.

It would be nice if someone could get the right information and quit telling veterans to come and get something with their ID cards, which they do not have. Some places now tell veterans to bring in their DD214, but who wants to bring in a form that has information that could be used to steal someone’s identity?

James D. Vaughn II, Youngstown