911 call reveals horror of murders

By Ed Runyan



A 911 call released Monday by the Newton Falls Police Department reveals the horror suffered by a 5-year-old boy witnessing the murder of his father and brother.

The recording from early Friday afternoon doesn’t give any indication of what happened to his mother, Kathy Cogley, 39, who also died in the shooting rampage police believe was committed by Robb Brazzon, 55.

The call, what police call an “open line” because no one is talking into the phone, only background sounds, starts with the sound of two males arguing, apparently about a woman.

The males are presumably Brazzon and his former brother-in-law, Rikki Cogley, 42.

Four seconds in, the first gunshot could be heard.

The argument continues as a small child begins to cry.

Two more shots could be heard and a young, male voice says “Oh my God” two times.

Kathy Cogley’s 15-year-old son, Everett Greathouse, was killed in the shooting spree. The Cogleys’ 5-year-old son, Rikki Cogley Jr., survived.

The child’s cries turn into screams as the fourth shot rings out.

The strain in the male victim’s voice becomes more pronounced, and the sound of the young male’s voice, presumably Greathouse, is heard again.

“Now go. Now go,” Cogley tells the attacker.

For nearly 20 seconds, Brazzon and Cogley speak back and forth, most of it unintelligible except for a comment from one of the men, saying, “Now look how she’s ... treating you.”

About five seconds later, there are three more shots fired, as the child continues to wail.

Another five seconds and another gunshot, and a different kind of sound comes from the young male, a kind of whimper.

About five more seconds, and the attacker’s voice can be heard saying, “OK,” as he addresses the crying boy.

The sound of a single gunshot is heard, but the small child continues to cry in the same way.

The attacker’s voice tells the small boy, “You’re OK.”

Another shot, and the little boy appears to say “Da Da.”

Most of the rest of the recording is sounds of the small boy crying, but the attacker’s voice tells the boy, “Play in your room. Do it now. Go. Go play in your room. Don’t come out.”

As the child says “My daddy died,” the attacker says, “Go.”

The attacker then apparently leaves the house, about one minute and nine gunshots after the recording began.

Robb Brazzon, who lived a block away from the Cogleys with his 39-year-old girlfriend, Tracey Engler, later committed suicide when confronted by Newton Falls police at the Newton Township Cemetery, just north of downtown.

Police would later find Engler’s body in Brazzon’s Newton Drive home, the victim of gunshot wounds. Police believe Brazzon killed her before he went to the Cogleys’ home on Trumbull Court.

Relatives and court records indicate that Brazzon was married to Rikki Cogley’s sister, Tina, until their 1999 divorce.

Rikki and Kathy Cogley had been having marital difficulties of their own in recent years, with Kathy filing for divorce from Rikki Cogley in 2008 and again in February 2012.

The couple had reconciled several weeks ago, family members say.

Newton Falls Police Chief John Kuivila didn’t release any new information on the case Monday other than the 911 recording.

But court records indicate Brazzon was sentenced to five years’ probation in January 2000 after pleading guilty to one count of drug trafficking.

Judge John M. Stuard of Trumbull County Common Pleas Court ordered Brazzon to forfeit $15,000 in cash, 100,000 rounds of ammunition and all firearms for which he could not provide proper proof of ownership, court records say.

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