Obama picked winners and losers

Obama picked winners and losers

Political favoritism is proba- bly the best description for the Obama record over the last few years. President Obama has scheduled a Mahoning Valley campaign stop, and while he will try to paint a rosy picture of his record as president, he would be hard pressed to deny that in his quest to revive the American economy he has left many people to fend for themselves while others received government assistance.

The two best examples of local groups that were given the shaft under the Obama administration are the Delphi salaried employees and the nurses at Northside Medical Center. While banks and car companies (or more realistically, their unions) were getting bailed out by the billions with your taxpayer dollars, these groups were not given a cent. These groups continue to suffer through this ongoing recession, and yet President Obama will be stopping here to tell everyone how great of a job he has done with a smile on his face.

If you are a small business owner, did President Obama come knocking on your door to offer you a handout, or did he let your business suffer, forcing you to make cutbacks and lay off employees to make ends meet?

Maybe you wanted to expand your business, but could not secure a loan despite having collateral and a decent credit rating to back up your borrowing. There was money for GM, Chrysler and Solyndra, and yet you were not important enough to get the funding to move forward.

Perhaps your pay was cut or you lost your job due to financial constraints of the company for which you worked. While you had to tighten your belt and suck it up through this recession, others were not required to even take a small pay cut to help keep their companies afloat. Thanks to President Obama, they could continue doing business as usual.

There is something inherently unfair about the approach President Obama has taken in his tenure as president. Every business, union, and person is as important as the other in this country.

The question that needs to be asked when President Obama comes to Youngstown: Why wasn’t I given the opportunity for a bailout like everyone else?

Alex Mangie, CPA, Canfield