What’s happening in church

What’s happening in church

Where do children get the most hugs, kisses, and pampering? Church, of course. Hard to believe we have child abuse out there.

Where do children have the weakest kidneys? Church, of course, but they can play outside for four hours without going. Where do parents have the least rules? Church, of course. Make them go as soon as they come to church.

Where can you see a dance recital? Church, of course. I’ve seen a parent twirling a daughter around.

Where can you find a cry room? Church, of coarse, but some parents ignore this thinking everybody wants to hear their disruptive kid.

Where did I see ladies texting and making out grocery lists? Church, of course.

Our pastor’s sermon Sunday was about the devil. Sure seem’s like the devil was working overtime; he did everything to keep people’s minds occupied on everything but the Mass.

Andy Pappagallo Sr., Mineral Ridge

Super PACs are overwhelming

The power of super PACS has diminished the role of the average voter.

Our single vote is hard to counter the influence of political action committees with unlimited amounts of money from wealthy secret donors. Hopefully, common sense will rule one day.

John K. Hodgson, North Lima