Politicians aren’t worried about us

Politicians aren’t worried about us

The Republican Party has once again proven itself to be against the common people. Look at two of its leaders, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum.

Mitt Romney didn’t want Chrysler and GM to be bailed out right after the banks had been taken care of. He didn’t care how many jobs would have been lost with Chrysler and GM closing their plants, nor the service and suppliers jobs that would have also been lost. He isn’t concerned about the middle class, just the rich, like he is.

What about Rick Santorum? He wants to cut Social Security right now. He states that all must give up something so the government can survive. A few suggestions. How about all of the elected officials giving up not just a little, but a lot? They have a lot more than those on Social Security.

The Republican Party does not want the rich to pay their share. How about a flat tax, with no loop holes, so all will be paying equally their fair tax burden, and it will get rid of the IRS and all the paper work that is a joke to start with.

Want to cut the deficit as they claim they want to do? How about bringing our armed services home from all over the world and quit trying to be the police force of the world. We can’t even control our own borders, how can we hope to control the problems of any other country.

How about, when we do end the policing of the world, and bring our armed services home, we put them on the borders with the strength and power to control all who come into this country illegally, so that anyone will be afraid to enter.

Sadly, we have become a nation without morals, or conscience, and our government is the leader in both categories. Our voting has become a farce because it doesn’t count anymore. They do what they want once the comical voting is over and their lies have once again won the prize. They have lost touch with the American people and the pulse of the nation.

Our government has become so corrupt it doesn’t matter what party is in the White House or any of the other branches of government. Please don’t think I write just about the Republican Party, the Democrats are no better by any means and are just as evil with the same purpose.

Revolutions have been started with a lot less than we see in our government today. I pray that never happens and the morons in the political field will wake up, but I sincerely doubt it. As the saying goes, “the love of money is the root of all evil.” This is probably the most misquoted verse in the Bible, but also the truest.

Rea Buttermore, Boardman