Clean up the fracking waste

Clean up the fracking waste

With valid reason our community is voicing concern about injection well ramifications, specifically with regard to seismic activity. I commend our area leaders for clarifying the difference between extremely high pressure injection well drilling, and the much safer shale formation frack well drilling which releases pressures underground.

On one hand, any earthquake is at the least unnerving, at worst possibly devastating. The only upside to the small earthquakes would be that many small ones may relieve pressure that could have eventually become ‘The Big One’.

Given the relative safe history of injection wells at shallower depths, perhaps the best compromise would be twofold: First, limit the injection well depth to less than 6,000 feet. Second, insist on green solutions. SteriFrac is totally benign, yet performs as well as the acid laced brine solutions. If it were the only brine waste accepted to be injected in our area, it would eliminate toxic waste brine altogether.

An added benefit would be greener deep-well fracking, with no more acid laced brine waste coming from that process.

Larry Schuler, Canfield