Youngstown police probe shooting of pit bull on West Side

Youngstown police probe shooting of pit bull on West Side



Police are investigating the shooting of a pit-bull terrier on the West Side as the pit bull allegedly was attacking another dog chained in its yard.

Police were called to the 100 block of Halls Heights Avenue just after 4 p.m. Sunday when a woman heard her dog, which was chained near the back door of the home, yelping in pain. The woman went to the door to find her dog being attacked by a brown and white pit bull that lives down the street on Halls Heights.

The woman told police she grabbed a shotgun and went outside. The pit bull ran, but she went outside to make sure the dog left her property. She found the animal still standing behind her garage.

Reports say the pit bull began growling and barking at the 31-year-old woman and she fired one shot from the shotgun, hitting the dog in the face. The dog ran off, but, according to reports, still chased the woman’s 14-year-old son, forcing the boy to jump onto a parked car to escape.

Reports say officers later were approached by the owner of the dog, who said she “rescued” the 2-year-old pit bull about eight months ago. She said her children went outside to play and the dog got outside then refused to come back in.

The woman was able to get the wounded dog back inside, but the dog warden told her the animal is going to need immediate medical attention.

Police reports say the dog is not properly registered with the county.

City law requires that all pit bulls be confined to a pen with an enclosed top or leashed and muzzled. Owners also must carry $100,000 insurance on the animal and post signs letting others know a dog resides on the property.

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