Austintown schoolkids recognized for good conduct



A super student assembly promoted positive behavior in school.

Lynn Kirk Elementary School on Friday honored more than 225 students for their good behavior during an assembly.

Those kids then bounced up and down on their crossed legs as they anxiously listened to hear if their name, which was placed in a fishbowl, was going to be pulled so they could win a school T-shirt and a “fancy” lunch as one of the “fabulous four.”

Third-grader Kyle Keller, second-grader Jayden Bister, first-grader Lily Tirado and kindergartner Madison Vaughn took the top spots.

The school started the program four years ago after the district received a two-year Ohio integrated-systems grant. The positive results are why they continue it each month.

“We have seen a huge increase in good behavior,” said Shawne Gerst, teacher and literacy coach at the school.

She said some students get their names in the school’s Falcon nest by getting “caught going above and beyond.”

One of the students who went into the nest had turned in found money, she said.

Certificates were given to students who committed random acts of kindness or who remained on green on their teacher’s behavior wheels. The wheels have four colors, with green indicating good behavior. Moving to yellow results in the student’s getting a warning, blue a letter sent home and red a trip to the principal.

Madison was excited to be one of the “fabulous” after she stayed on green throughout December.

It’s something she’s done every month, except one, she said.

“I didn’t [stay on green] in September,” Madison confessed.

She touched another student’s hair, she said.

“I learned to keep my hands in my lap,” Madison said.

Kyle said he worked especially hard for the reward.

“I got a lot of A’s and a lot of good grades on my test,” he said.

The students’ pictures will be placed the school’s display case, above the Falcon nest. They also will have to decide who they want to bring on their “fancy” lunch. Each one will get to pick a friend to dine with them Monday on the school’s stage at a table covered with a tablecloth.

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