President is changing his tune

President is changing his tune

I just heard the president re- gurgitate the argument that it isn’t fair for someone else to pay if you’re uninsured and need emergency medical attention. I’m sorry, but that maxim totally contradicts the entire philosophy of the Democratic party.

Lets see, we in the private sector have to pay for the Cadillac health insurance policies of all those in the public sector, from politicians to paper pushers. And also, we have to foot the bill for all the tens of millions of deadbeats for health care, federal housing, apartments, food, utilities, education, rehab, phones, etc., plus all of their children’s needs.

So I have a proposal, to decree that all those on public assistance or public sector employees have to buy their own health coverage then we in the private sector, with the savings on our tax bills, can afford our own mandated medical coverage.

In closing, not only does the private sector have to pay the bills of others, we’re also saddled with more and more expenses due to an expanding, repressive government as we’re forced to pay for this tyranny.

Gary David, Struthers