Twin teens attacked by gang; one knocked unconscious

Staff report


Warren school officials are investigating an assault Wednesday afternoon involving twin 17-year-old boys who were attacked by six students on Buckeye Street Northwest, knocking one of them unconscious.

Several of the six boys involved in the fight don’t ride that bus regularly, the twins told police.

The assault, which occurred as the twins got off their school bus at 2:30 p.m., also was captured on cellphone video, police said.

Alvin Garrett of Hunter Street Northwest said his son, Aaron, who was knocked unconscious, went to school Thursday, but his other son, Josh, whose eye was bruised, stayed home.

“I was so mad last night, I couldn’t see straight,” Alvin Garrett said.

Garrett said he didn’t look at the video, but he’s told it shows his sons “getting sucker punched from behind.”

Police said a 911 caller reported that 20 to 30 juveniles were fighting.

Some of them apparently came from a car that pulled up and let several juveniles out to join the fight, police said.

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