Bishop’s letter just stated the facts

Bishop’s letter just stated the facts

In response to Friday’s letter to the editor, “Bishops Murry’s appalling letter,” I would like to thank Bishop Murry for standing up for what he and his church believe in. I find it strange that a Catholic would be upset with the fact that a bishop would state the church views to his own congregation.

The church is against birth control and abortion. Whether anyone likes it or not, this is a fact. The church also states that individuals should always follow their conscience. However, if an individual disagrees with church teachings, those teachings do not change. The bishop’s letter requested Catholics to get involved. It did not require them to.

I am also having trouble understanding where the hypocrisy charge is coming from. Hypocrisy would be to teach one view, and to then turn around and pay for someone to go against that view. People are legally able to obtain birth control and abortions in America, in many cases free of charge. The church refusing to pay for it does not stop anyone from getting it.

Also, it is true and very sad that there are so many starving people in the world today. I challenge anyone to show me who has done more to combat this over the last 2,000 years than the Catholic Church. If Friday’s writer really wants “freedom from religion,” as he states in his letter, he has it. The last time I checked, the church was not forcing anyone to follow its teachings.

Michael V. Sandy, Hubbard