• March 26, 2010: Stacey Sutera’s car is keyed in a grocery store parking lot. Nails are found in the tires.

• June 24, 2010: Columbiana police investigate after Columbiana schools superintendent receives email about a website aimed at tarnishing Sutera’s reputation.

• July 2010: Sutera receives several emails threatening to ruin her reputation. They’re signed, “Your Enemy For Life.”

• July 29, 2010: Sutera files a police report with Canfield police about the Internet harassment.

• Sept. 8, 2010: A derogatory word is keyed into the side of Sutera’s car. On the same day, she receives a prank phone call.

• Sept. 14-15, 2010: Two websites with false information are created as an attempt to further tarnish her reputation.

• Sept. 17, 2010: Sutera receives what appears to be a used condom in the mail. Police determine condom was fake, purchased from a website for people wanting revenge.

• Oct. 12, 2010: Staff at the Mahoning County Career and Techinical Center receive business cards with Sutera’s name and information stating she would perform sexual acts.

• Dec. 1, 2010: Sutera tells police that her dog, which had a clean bill of health from its veterinarian, died suddenly. It is found in her home bleeding from the nose.

• Dec. 6, 2010: Canfield police contact the revenge website asking for its cooperation in the investigation.

• Dec. 7, 2010: The website advises detectives the person responsible for the websites is Robert McLaughlin. Records indicated McLaughlin also purchased from the site the fake used condom and the cards sent to MCCTC.

• Dec. 7, 2010: During an interview with police, Sutera says she’s known McLaughlin for 15 years. Sutera said she felt McLaughlin had developed romantic feelings toward her, but they were not reciprocated.

• Dec. 8, 2010: Canfield police execute a search warrant on McLaughlin’s home in Painesville. Police find photos of Sutera, pornographic material, papers listing names, addresses of Ohio, Pennsylvania schools and businesses, emails and letters about a website with fabricated sexual information about the victim and business cards stating the victim would perform specific sexual acts.

• Dec. 9, 2010: McLaughlin is arrested, charged with two counts of pandering obscenity and one count of menacing by stalking.

• Dec. 17, 2010: McLaughlin pleads guilty in Mahoning County Area Court in Canfield to menacing by stalking. Sentenced to six months in county jail.

• Dec. 20, 2010: The case is bound over to a Mahoning County grand jury.

• Nov. 29, 2011: McLaughlin, who pleaded guilty to three counts of pandering obscenity and three counts of possessing criminal tools, is sentenced to five years’ probation, 500 hours’ community service, $2,500 in fines, anger-management classes and a no-contact order with the victim.

• Feb. 8, 2012: Sutera found shot to death outside her Carriage Hill condominium; warrant issued for McLaughlin’s arrest for aggravated murder.

Source: Canfield Police Department, Mahoning County Common Pleas Court

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