Time line crafted for city’s recovery

By Jeanne Starmack



Campbell officials have prepared a schedule of when the city’s backlog of monthly bank statements will be reconciled to its books.

They also prepared a schedule Friday for addressing accounting and policy deficiencies noted by the state auditor’s office in a 2007 report on accounting methods.

The head of a state commission that oversees the city while it is in fiscal emergency told officials they must have those schedules prepared for Monday’s commission meeting.

Sharon Hanrahan said at the December commission meeting that she wanted a time line with specific dates. The city is now financially stable, but the uncorrected deficiencies and the unreconciled bank statements prevented it from asking for release from fiscal emergency in December.

The city has since replaced its finance director, Sherman Miles, who was finance director since October 2009 and who was having problems doing the reconciliations. Mayor Bill VanSuch said Wednesday that by the time Miles left the post last week, the backlog dated to May 2010. The city had authorized up to $1,000 to pay a private accountant to do April 2010’s reconciliation. Miles did March 2010’s with the help of a consultant he paid out of his own pocket. The state completed January and February 2010 reconciliations.

The new finance director, Michael Evanson, started Wednesday. Evanson was Struthers schools treasurer until he retired in December.

At its meeting Wednesday, the city council passed an amended financial-recovery plan that includes a schedule for completing the reconciliations.

The intent is to have the backlog caught up by July 31.

As of August, the finance director will close the city’s books and complete monthly reconciliations by the 21st of each month, the new recovery plan indicates.

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