Reports say "30 Rock" star Tracy Morgan refusing to help mom save her Youngstown home

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Tracy Morgan’s mother’s Youngstown home is about to go into foreclosure, and her famous actor son is refusing to help her, several national media outlets are reporting.

Alicia Warden, who is just over 60, is quoted on, and saying her son at one point agreed to pay off the $25,000 mortgage on her South Side home but has

reneged, offering — through an assistant — only a one-time gift of $2,000.

The Daily News said Forbes lists the “30 Rock” and former “Saturday Night Live” star’s worth at $18 million.

Morgan’s younger sister, Asia Morgan, has no kind words for her brother.

“He’s never been a nice person,” she told the Daily News. “And money’s just made it worse.”

Her mother’s house is modest, and she’s in failing health with diabetes and deteriorating legs, she said.

“This would be a drop in the bucket for Tracy. She has a son that can do, and she’s done everything that she possibly could for her family.”

“She ran numbers, but she did it to put food on the table,” Asia told the Daily News. “We were raised in the [Tompkins] projects [in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn], but we didn’t think we were poor.”

Warden herself confirmed that to CNN, saying she struggled many years to provide for her son’s needs as a child, but now that she’s lost her job, he’s refusing to help her.

When her son’s assistant called her to communicate Tracy’s meager offer, she told CNN, “I was so upset, I told her to tell Tracy ‘Thank you, but no thanks. I am not some person on the street asking you for a handout; I am your mother.’ And that was the end of that.”

After her job loss a year ago, Warden’s income fell to $600 a month. Her monthly mortgage payment is $400, and if it is not made by Feb. 23, the home will go into foreclosure, her daughter told CNN.

Warden herself told the Daily News that her utilities also are about to be turned off and she’s facing the loss of her car as well.

She even faxed her son her account number and mortgage papers after his offer to help. “I thought he was paying it, but after a few months, I realized he didn’t pay it off,” she told CNN. She said a relative told her her son was angry about publicity given to the story, but Warden said she never divulged the information to the media.

Her daughter said her mother has five children with her and her brother’s late father, and none but her actor brother is in a position to help, even though all have jobs.

Warden told CNN she has trouble walking, and her unemployment benefits just expired.

“It took me 30 years or more to buy a home,” she said, noting she worked two to three jobs at times to support her kids. “No one took care of them but me,” she said.

Morgan, 43, grew up in Brooklyn. His mother moved the family to Youngstown in 1995, a decade after the actor left home, Asia Morgan said.

She said the family is unable to speak with her brother because he changes his number all the time.

Warden said she does not know why her son is

estranged from the family.

Huffington Post reports that he portrayed her unfavorably in his

2009 book, “I’m the New Black.”

“No one did anything to him,” she told CNN. “... I am not trying to hurt

Tracy. I love my children to death.”

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