Healh-care model’s fatal flaw

Healh-care model’s fatal flaw

What do our medically insured people really want? As well as I can make out, they want to be enrolled in group health insurance at no cost to them, or, at most, they want to pay a dime or a quarter on the dollar for what medically uninsured folks would pay $2 or $3 on the dollar, because insurers guard against adverse selection by prohibitive pricing. Our medically insureds do not want co-pays or co-premiums.

Most important, they do not want any questions asked about how they got what they got, and why the other guy didn’t get what they got. When you ask questions, as I have, they get angry and act out.

You almost can’t blame them. If you had a deal that gave you ER visits for $50 a pop, while your neighbor had his wages attached for eight grand for the same visit, would you really want anyone snooping around for how that came to be? The question answers itself.

The archival material on Rorem-Kimball — your group health insurance model — has never been a secret. It’s no secret either why almost no one examines Rorem-Kimball. It is straight-up, blue-skies, utopian moonshine. It takes no more than 20 minutes for a trained and motivated observer to suss out the explosive secret in Rorem-Kimball that pretty much quashes all so-called health care reform.

But, our medically insureds have spoken against Obamacare, against Hillarycare, against Trumancare. Nobody messes with their utopia. I guess those of us who tried to warn that something was very seriously wrong with that utopia will just have to respect that.

Jack Labusch, Niles