AMS students dance and dine


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Over 185 students attended the Austintown Middle School dance Nov. 30. Among them, from left, were Carlee Gaca, Nicole McGeary, Faith Land, and Lexi Cintron.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Kendrra Habager (left) and Jessica Wolfgang took advantage of the relaxed dress code to show a little bit more of their personal style at the AMS dance Nov. 30.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Michele Williamson (left) and Shirley Shmidt sold tickets to get into the Austintown Middle School seventh- and eighth-grade dance Nov. 30.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.David Butcheo wore a suit to the seventh- and eighth-grade dance at Austintown Middle School Dec. 30 to celebrate the relaxed dress code for the night.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Young couples, like Ally Dickons (left) and Cameron Shaffer, came together to hang out and dance at the Austintown Middle School seventh- and eighth-grade dance Nov. 30.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.A group of middle school students danced together at the seventh- and eighth-grade dance in the Austintown Middle School cafeteria Nov. 30.


Seventh- and eighth-grade students at Austintown Middle School participated in a PTA-supported dance at the school Nov. 30. With classics like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” playing in the background, students began their evening with pizza, chips, and sodas and then danced with their friends.

“Kathy Schmidt got us a lot of donations. Mike Sciortino donated his time as the DJ. The PTA was able to provide Papa Johns pizza. There are at least 10 parent-volunteers and two principals who volunteered their time tonight,” said Ellen DiFrancesco, of the AMS PTA.

Profits from the dance ticket sales went back into the PTA dance fund, to go toward a second dance for the students. Students also were entered a drawing using their ticket stubs for Falcon Pride T-shirts and cafeteria coupons.

“There were only about 185 students to attend the dance this year, which is actually down from previous years, but we try to make it fun. There’s a modified dress code for the event and it’s just a nice chance for students to get together outside of school. They come to eat, dance and hang out with their friends,” said DiFrancesco.

The PTA will be providing another seventh- and eighth-grade dance for students in March.

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