Time for Poland to lock the doors

Time for Poland to lock the doors

I have been a Poland resi- dent for 30 years and both of my children attended our schools K-12 and received an excellent and quality education. I am also an early childhood educator of 35 years and have been deeply saddened by the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. However now is not the time to talk gun control

Even though my children are no longer in the school system I was shocked to learn that some of our classroom doors cannot even be locked from the inside by staff members. Really? This was a simple basic lock down procedure used by the staff at Sandy Hook that I am positive saved many more young lives.

There is no time to be wasted debating gun control. Does anyone happen to remember prohibition? Do we seriously think that if guns are outlawed in this country that they would not become available on the black market just as alcohol did?

Now is the time to ACT and school safety should become our concern. I strongly encourage Poland schools to get their act together and make our children safe, not to wait for private donations to pour in. Give our staff the ability to follow basic lock down procedures in the event of an emergency.

Ruth Griffis, Poland

Guns, corruption, hate and violence

This recent carnage at a Con- necticut school is tragic and shows how far America has fallen from God. Anyone who has been living for the last 50 or 60 years remembers when life was much different. With all the so-called advancements people still kill each other.

Guns are made to kill people and people who have them for any other reason than to hunt game that they will eat have them for the wrong reason. Most people killed by guns are in the family and known by the murderer.

When Americans went to church and taught their children not to kill, life was peaceful. Law enforcement hunted down those who would hurt or kill others. Then the movies, television, cartoons and games became filled with violence. Guns were glorified and everyone thought that they had to have a gun to protect themselves. When did a gun ever protect anyone?

The government then sent soldiers into countries where we had no business, causing other countries to hate us and want to kill us. Violence just brings more violence, and you can’t get peace from war.

People have fallen away from the true faith of Jesus and then wonder why so many of their children are cruel and bully other children.

If people in America would return to church and start to pray for our country there would be hope for our nation and for our children who are at the mercy of the violence from those who hate.

Leo Feher, Youngstown

A duel between guns and drugs

It seems the blame is always put on the guns used in the violent crimes that occur. I am certainly not defending citizens owning assault weapons, it is unnecessary and absurd.

However, the prescribed medications these shooters are taking are almost never mentioned. In a country with a so-called “war on drugs,” why is our FDA so quick to approve drugs that’s side effects include homicidal and suicidal tendencies amongst hundreds of other side effects?

Seems the pharmaceutical industry has as much power as the gun industry when it comes to controlling our Congress.

Debra Isabella, Struthers

Air rifles as gifts are so yesterday

In last Sunday’s Vindicator, a story illustrated the weapons used at Sandy Hook Elementray School and their capacities, etc.

It seems incongruous that several pages later there was a prominent ad for the same type of weapons, with a tag line describing them as the perfect gift for under the tree. Only omitted was, perhaps, small guns as stocking stuffers.

Donald Brown, Boardman

How dreary would be the world ...

I would like to thank and wish happy holidays, to the person or persons who found my wallet at the Kohl’s store on 224 in Boardman on Saturday, Dec. 8, and returned it to the nearest cashier.

This kind and responsible act reminded me of the editorial response that Frances Church made to Virginia O’Hanlon 115 years ago when he assured her that, “Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.”

Bob Hartford, Poland