St. Christine’s students celebrate Advent


St. Christine’s School celebrated the Advent season in a unique way this year — by giving each classroom a letter of the alphabet and asking them to decorate their doors based off that letter in relation to Advent.

Some classrooms had no trouble deciding what they wanted to decorate their door on. One classroom picked angels to go with the letter A, while another decided that B would stand for the baby that would be born. Some classes had a much harder letter, such as Z for zeal.

The lesson resonated with the students.

“Advent means that we are waiting for Jesus,” said Alexa Vargo, a student at St. Christine’s. “We are saying prayers and collecting food so everyone can have something to eat on Christmas, even if they don’t have money.”

Another student expressed a different aspect of Advent.

“Advent means atoning in preparation for Christmas and Jesus coming. Our classroom had the letter ‘Y’ so we chose to celebrate the angel Gabriel visiting Mary and the fact that she said yes,” said Seth Shivers.

Students have also been busy preparing for Advent in many different ways.

The school displayed Advent wreaths and classrooms lit a candle for the first of four weeks of Advent.

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