Tom Miller

Age: 52

Hometown: Austintown

High school: Fitch (1978)

Residence: Mineral Ridge

Family: Married to Judy for 23 years. Daughter Isabella is 8.

Background: Began judging amateurs in 1992; started judging professionally 1994; first world title fight: 1996 (WBO middleweight champoinship in Steubenville ... champion Lonnie Bradley defeated challenger Lonnie Beasley, unanimous decision)

World title fights judged: 78

Regional title fights judged: 23

Total title fights judged: 101

Total professional fights judged: 394

Amateur fights judged: 3,922.

K.O. Drugs fights judged: Approximately 2,000

Total fights judged: 4,316

Frequent flyer miles accumulated: 475,000

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