West Boulevard hosts Santa’s shop


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Mary Pugh (left) and Susan Flynn were two of the PTA volunteers that helped students shop for their family members at the Santa Workshop Dec. 5.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Parent volunteers helped the students at West Boulevard Elementary School wrap the gifts they purchased for their family members at the Santa Workshop Dec. 5.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Figurines, such as this soccer-playing bear, were just one of the objects available for purchase at the West Boulevard Elementary School Santa workshop Dec. 5.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.To give the Santa Worshop a holiday feeling, a movie screen played tranqil Christmas scenes while students shopped and wrapped presents at West Boulevard Elementary School Dec. 5.



West Boulevard Elementary School offered a Santa workshop on Dec. 5 so that students could easily shop for Christmas gifts for their family and friends.

Each class got one half-hour to peruse the selection of toys, change purses, figurines, ornaments, pens, pet items, and more.

Each student was paired with a parent volunteer to walk with them, help them carry their items and figure out totals before going to the cash register.

“The Santa workshop runs from Tuesday to Friday all day while the school is open. At night, we figure out how much stock we need to replace for the next day, order it, and in the morning we put everything back out to sell,” said Sue Fellows, the PTA representative who is in charge of this year’s workshop.

In addition to helping students shop and complete their purchases, parent volunteers also helped students wrap their presents so they would be all set for Christmas morning.

“With these kinds of events, gathering and organizing the parents who are able to volunteer is always the hardest part. They play a really important role in the workshop. Usually it takes about a month to get them all set to go,” Fellows added.

With such a variety of items available for them, West Boulevard students were able to find a gift for every member of their families, from moms and dads to brothers and sisters to grandparents and pets.

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