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UPDATE: 28 dead in Connecticut school massacre; shooter ID corrected

Published: Fri, December 14, 2012 @ 4:59 p.m.

NEWTOWN, Conn. (AP) — A man opened fire Friday inside the Connecticut elementary school where his mother worked as a teacher, killing 26 people, including 20 children, as youngsters cowered in their classrooms and trembled helplessly to the sound of gunfire reverberating through the building.

The killer, armed with two handguns, committed suicide and another person was found dead at a second scene, bringing the toll to 28, authorities said.

The attack, coming less than two weeks before Christmas, was the nation’s second-deadliest school shooting, exceeded only by the Virginia Tech massacre that left 33 people dead in 2007.

Panicked parents raced to Sandy Hook Elementary School, about 60 miles northeast of New York City, looking for their children. Students were told to close their eyes by police as they were led from the building.

Schoolchildren — some crying, others looking frightened — were escorted through a parking lot in a line, hands on each other’s shoulders.

“Our hearts are broken today,” a tearful President Barack Obama, struggling to maintain composure, said at the White House. He called for “meaningful action” to prevent such shootings.

Youngsters and their parents described teachers locking doors and ordering the children to huddle in the corner or hide in closets when shots echoed through the building. The shootings took place in two rooms, but they gave no details on exactly how they unfolded.

A law enforcement official identified the gunman as 20-year-old Adam Lanza, the son of a teacher. A second law enforcement official said his mother, Nancy Lanza, was presumed dead.

Adam Lanza’s older brother, 24-year-old Ryan, of Hoboken, N.J., was being questioned, the first official said. Earlier, a law enforcement official mistakenly identified Ryan as the shooter.

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1AnotherAverageCitizen(1175 comments)posted 2 years ago

How sad for so many to lose their lives in such a tragic way. My Thoughts and prayers go out to their freinds and families.

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2DwightK(1304 comments)posted 2 years ago

This is unfathomable. I literally cannot comprehend how anyone could commit such an act. Evil this immense is too much to process.

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3Attis(922 comments)posted 2 years ago

a nation under God? If so, it sure as hell is not the Prince of Peace!

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4borylie(836 comments)posted 2 years ago

Attis, Perhaps if God or someone to be held accountable to,was allowed to be a part of schools like it was years ago,maybe such unthinkable disasters as here and other schools in the last few years may have been prevented. Just maybe. We must fear something,we must believe that there's something we must fear after life. Our own conscience's don't seem to be working. Btw,I'm not a religious person.

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5IslandMike(757 comments)posted 2 years ago

When is the next school shooting? Isn't the 2nd Amendment GREAT? The Right to Bear Arms sure is keeping us all SAFE! It kept the kids in Columbine SAFE, it kept the the people in the Colorado movie theatre SAFE, it kept the people in the Oregon mall shooting SAFE and now it kept the kids and faculty at Sandy Hook Elementary School SAFE!! Guns are GREAT, look how SAFE they're keeping us!! In America it is easier to get a gun (which is designed to kill) than it is to get driver's license. GUNS ARE GREAT!!

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6borylie(836 comments)posted 2 years ago

IslandMike,Surely even you should realize that this tragedy is not a place for you and your ilk to turn this into political issue. It's not the gun,it's what provoked this sickie to do what he did. What was the real trigger,not the one on the gun. Was he on drugs and his brain was fried? Too many violent games? What all do you want to ban?

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7big97redtj(16 comments)posted 2 years ago

Blah and IslandMike, please don't forget this was a gun free zone. Don't take your hatred of freedoms out on law abiding citizens.

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8Freeatlast(1991 comments)posted 2 years ago

WOW even something like will not stop the hate from both Right and Left to take a break . Unbelievable or maybe not in the Valley .
Remember to watch football on Sunday.

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9cambridge(3109 comments)posted 2 years ago

toycannon....If you're not going to talk about it today what day would be appropriate? Talk about gun control on a day without a tragedy and you're labeled unamerican which is ridiculous since only a coward needs a gun to calm their irrational fears.

The mentality of these gun nuts that claim they need to be armed 24/7 are the exact people that should not be allowed to own a gun.

It should not be as easy as it is to buy a gun but some how the nra and a bunch of nuts are in charge. Pistols and assault weapons are designed for shooting people and have no place in society. If a person enjoys hunting that's great but guns should be limited to hunting and all others should be banned.

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10IslandMike(757 comments)posted 2 years ago

They need to make guns easier to obtain. They keep us all so SAFE. I wish we could have a pool where we could bet on the date of the next mass shooting. I'm going to say January 11th. I wish Vegas casinos would let us bet on it. It's no longer if, but when. I love people on the right who always say right after a mass shooting, "this is not the time for a debate." Lets wait until after the next mass shooting!!

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11LtMacGowan(669 comments)posted 2 years ago

Im sure the NRA will be there tomorrow spinning their ridiculous lies about how arming everyone even though most people are idiots and shouldn't even be allowed to drive let alone own something whose only intended purpose is killing.

I know the idea of millions of idiots carrying around firearms makes me feel safer.

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12jojuggie(1490 comments)posted 2 years ago

Stop this asinine debate & pray for the repose of the souls of all victims in Newtown, CT.

As for you attis, God also gave man a FREE WILL.

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13whybother(5 comments)posted 2 years ago

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone effected by this evil act.

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14redeye1(4714 comments)posted 2 years ago

Why do people jump on the bandwagon about gun control after a tragedy like this. I never see anyone jumping the bandwagon about banning cars after a major wreck on the freeway. They kill more people in a year then guns. So let's ban them too! After al,l there are more nuts driving, then shooting. The gun did nothing wrong, it was the SCUMBAG who pulled the trigger. My heart goes out to the families and friends of the poor little kids.who were shot.

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15IslandMike(757 comments)posted 2 years ago

People kill people and GUNS are what they use to do it. Guns are GREAT they keep us SAFE!!

Being a huge fan of the 2nd Amendment and the NRA, I blame the kids (victims) for this, if the Elementary School kids had brought guns to school in their lunch boxes, this wouldn't have happened!!

The shoppers at the mall in Oregon are also to blame, I mean who doesn't carry a gun when they do their holiday shopping? Taking the kids to see Santa, bring the .44 Magnum!!! Hip, hip hooray GUNS!!!

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16ytownredux(117 comments)posted 2 years ago

WOW, we have 18, mostly kindegardeners killed and you all will find this day to bring even more animosity to it. I am a bleeding heart liberal, but please Island Mike, your sarcasm is disrespectful and shameful. Bringing abortion and religion into this is not any better Conservative haters.

The gun debate should be had, but there are 2 sides to that as well. The guns were legally in the MOTHERS name, not the shooters. But we do have to look how he was able to get 27 people dead by two handguns. Do you really need extended rounds to have your right to own a gun. As I said, much more to talk about later, but for today, can we all take a chill pill and mourn these 5yo's and their grieving parents, and the adults also killed.

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17IslandMike(757 comments)posted 2 years ago

I blame the liberals who are anti-gun for this, we need to arm our kindergardeners with handguns, they keep us all so SAFE. Those anti-gun liberals are always causing trouble, they helped end a perfectly good war in Vietnam by having the nerve to protest against it. We went to Vietnam because the Vietnamese Army attacked our bases and were killing our people, just the same way the Iraqi"s attacked the U.S. Yep, I blame those liberals.

If you have children, don't forget, GUNS make the perfect stocking stuffer. If you have teens, the AR-15 and the AK-47 make the PERFECT Christmas gift!!


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18mrblue(1069 comments)posted 2 years ago

Everyone should take a moment and think about what the families of the victims are going through. Please pray for them. And please pray that you, yourself, will never have to experience such pain. God bless the children.

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19redeye1(4714 comments)posted 2 years ago

@Island Mike With every post you place here , you are just showing the world just how big of a " LIBERAL ARSEHOLE" that you really are. I hope the time never comes where you might need someone with a gun to protect your family, but if it does happen you will be very thankful. Remember there are alot of us who have CCW who just might be there to save you and your family from whackos like this scumbag. I would also like to propose that we ban all GM cars now after all they kill people too.

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20IslandMike(757 comments)posted 2 years ago

I'm NOT going to pray for the families of the victims of this school shooting, I always pray for the families of the victims of the NEXT school shooting!! I always stay one step ahead.


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21ytownredux(117 comments)posted 2 years ago

Why are you making me have to agree with Toycannon when i usually dont 95% of the time. You ARE making yourself an embarrasment, and anything further you say on ANY issue will be the rants of a madman unless you shut the heck up and show some compassion. You have proven yourself to be a loud and passionate liberal, and that has it's place, but to say you will not pray for peace for the families of this current tragedy is not only unkind, but truly mean spirited. Bring it down a notch on this issue, you can rant about guns next week.

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22ytownredux(117 comments)posted 2 years ago

I will feed your ego one last time by responding to you. You have always had my respect for your opinions in the past, but you have crossed a line. As a liberal, I agreed with a lot of what you said. I now know that you only want attention to yourself, and not want to be a truly passionate person about truly passionate subjects. You are a bully.

I will never reply to you again, no matter how much you try to provoke me or others, because it's what YOU need, not the subject of your rants. Enjoy your sarcasm and the fact that your ignorance to true feelings makes you totally irrelevant for anyone to listen to.

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23peacelover(791 comments)posted 2 years ago

I would like it if someone could tell me how this guy so easily got his hands on a couple of guns if he was so mentally unstable. To me that is the crux of the issue, guns in the hands of the mentally unstable. Seems like there's just no end to it in this country. Gabby Giffords, et al.

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24Lifes2Short(3878 comments)posted 2 years ago

My God, just looking at the shock and fear in those children's faces in that picture, puts a tear in my eyes.
20 innocent children and 6 adults are dead because of some evil coward with a gun.
What kind of society are we becoming?
Innocent children. Wow.
Words fell me.

God Bless everyone that was in Sandy Hook Elementary School today.

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25hollywood(94 comments)posted 2 years ago

my prayers are with everyone involved in this. may GOD heal your hearts and carry you through the sorrow!

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26jojuggie(1490 comments)posted 2 years ago

islandmike, you have rocks in your head.

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27ytownredux(117 comments)posted 2 years ago

We need to chat over coffee Toycannon, will definitely be a lively debate, but it would at least be respectful. =) Happy Holidays.

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2876Ytown(1309 comments)posted 2 years ago

Praying for the families, friends and all those impacted by this horrific senseless tragedy. Praying for the innocent lives lost in this massacre that they be now at peace in heaven. Praying that God will send his angels to surround the people of Newtown, Connecticut to carry them through this difficult time.

Hug your children and give them an extra kiss tonight. Tell your family that you love them.

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29AnotherAverageCitizen(1175 comments)posted 2 years ago

Today is not a good day to complain about guns. It is a sad day when all so many INNOCENT lives were taken. last week would have been better to talk about gun control. OH WAIT a few INNNOCENT lives were taken. Another bad day to talk about gun control.

January 10, 2012: Three teenagers were shot dead in an ambush in Philadelphia,
February 21, 2012: Jeong Soo Paek burst into a spa his family owned in Norcross, near Atlanta, Ga. He killed four relatives before turning the gun on himself,
February 27, 2012: A 17-year-old student, T.J. Lane, confessed to going into his Chardon, Ohio high school cafeteria and shooting students at random.

March 30, 2012: A gunman drove by and opened fire on a crowd of mourners outside a funeral home in Miami, Fla.

April 2, 2012: One L. Goh opened fire at Oikos University in Oakland, California. He killed seven people and injured at least three more.

April 6, 2012: Five African-American men were gunned down in separate incidents in Tulsa, Oklahoma, ABC reported.

May 29, 2012: Ian Stawicki went to a cafe in Seattle's University district, shooting and killing four people, ABC reported at the time.

July 20, 2012: James Holmes, 24, allegedly broke into a midnight premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises" in Aurora, Colo., killing 12 people and injuring roughly 60 more.
August 5, 2012: Seven people died after gunfire broke out at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. The gunman, identified by police as Wade Michael Page, also died in the shooting. He was a white supremacist and the shootings were said to be racially motivated
August 13, 2012: Three people including a police officer were killed in shootings near the campus of Texas A&M University.

August 24, 2012: Jeffrey Johnson shot a former coworker and injured nine more people before being shot and killed by police. The shooting occurred near New York's Empire State Building during rush hour.

August 28, 2012: Robert Gladden Jr., 15, allegedly brought a gun to Baltimore's Perry Hall High School and shot a fellow student, resulting in a critical injury. The boy's mom said he had been bullied.

August 31, 2012: Ex-Marine Terrell Tyler, 22, opened fire at the Old Bridge, New Jersey supermarket where he worked. He killed two of his coworkers before shooting himself in the head.

September 28, 2012: Andrew Engeldinge walked into his former office, Accent Signage Systems in Minneapolis, and "carefully selected" coworkers to execute. He fatally shot five people before turning the gun on himself.

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30AnotherAverageCitizen(1175 comments)posted 2 years ago

October 21, 2012: Radcliffe Haughton, 45, bought a handgun and drove to a Milwaukee, Wisconsin, spa where his estranged wife was working. He killed three people, including his wife, before shooting himself.

November 6, 2012: Lawrence Jones, 42, opened fire at Valley Protein, the Fresno, California meat-processing plant where he worked. He killed two people and himself. Two more were seriously injured.

December 12, 2012: Jacob Tyler Roberts, 22, allegedly stole a rifle from a family friend and went into a Clackamas, Oregon shopping mall with "several fully-loaded magazines" of ammunition. He killed two bystanders before shooting himself.

December 14, 2012: A gunman opened fire at a Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. At least 27 people died, including 20 children, according to reports

SO. When is a good time to talk gun control?????????

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31Ytownnative(1065 comments)posted 2 years ago

and when they ban all gun you think these thugs are going to run and turn in their stolen guns? What they need is a tie in between mental health and a nationwide check for buying any gun private or dealer. Look south to Mexico with very stricy gun control and see how its working down there.

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3276Ytown(1309 comments)posted 2 years ago

We've raised a generation of children who have been desensitized to violence, sex and morality. What was once wrong is now right.

What was once an R movie now gets a PG rating. Parents allow their 5-year-olds to watch PG movies or even R rated movies without a second thought. And TV has become garbage all in the name of entertainment. Unless the newest movie release does not push the limits, the media feels that it will not make money. What would someone who lived at the turn of the century say if they could see our society now?

We need to remember that children may have the physical body of an 18 year old at age 13, but they are not mature. Remember Art Linkletter's "Kids say the darnedest things". Little kids were asked questions like "how much does a car cost or how much does a house cost" Their answers were always way off base...the car costs way more than the house, etc.

Children are like sponges absorbing their environment which includes the media. It's not called formative years for nothing. So many children are being abused, neglected, and raised in environments that have a culture of violence.

There will always be people around us who have illnesses, or snap, or are pure evil. Gun control will not solve the matter of people who do harm to others.

Innocence has been lost. We've turned our backs on God and his commandments. Now we're paying the price.

We are all capable of evil, but what separates us from the others is respect for human life, empathy, sympathy and a conscience.

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33IslandMike(757 comments)posted 2 years ago

On an average day in the U.S. there are between 44 and 45 homicides committed. So I guess we should NEVER discuss banning guns in the U.S. because it will NEVER be the proper time for the discussion.

U.S. has 88.8 guns for every 100 citizens and averages 8.8 homicides per 100,000 people.

Japan has 0.3 guns for every 100 citizens and averages 1.1 homicides per 100,000 people.

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34Ytownnative(1065 comments)posted 2 years ago

Mike your an idiot

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35IslandMike(757 comments)posted 2 years ago

Hooray GUNS!!!
They sure do keep us SAFE!!

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36TGWTG1209(5 comments)posted 2 years ago

You forgot one, AnotherAverageCitizen, one very close to home...

July 6, 2012 Robert Brazzon slaughtered an entire family in Newton Falls, Ohio, including his ex wife and a fifteen year-old boy before turning the gun on himself in a city cemetery.

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37JJ(28 comments)posted 2 years ago

Unfortunately since Columbine happened over ten years ago we've continued to get worse and no better at protecting our children. Blame here starts with the individual...How about a real prevention plan:

1. Gun enforcement - cannot ban guns, criminals still get them...but we can make it tougher to get them and gun education

2. Law enforcement at schools full time - lock down schools, metal detectors, stringent visitor checks, closer monitoring of students activity from law officers

3. Video games that desensitize violence, i.e. Call of Duty where mass murdering is the theme of the game. why do these games have to be so violent?

4. Commericals during prime time hours or football on Sundays that are violent exposing young children and kids to things they wouldn't normally see

5. More parents raising their own kids instead of day cares and grandparents

6. Prayer - giving time during the school day for kids to reflect

it's not a left or right thing it's a common sense thing!

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38JJ(28 comments)posted 2 years ago

didnt say to ban video games just asked why they need to be so violent and didnt say leave the guns alone said we need tougher laws...

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39Ytownnative(1065 comments)posted 2 years ago

Do you think anyone with a stolen gun cares about any gun laws?

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40excel(330 comments)posted 2 years ago

We are in an age where we coddle the criminals at the expense of the public. We now will hear cries about disarming the general public in feel good legislation.

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41najjjj(106 comments)posted 2 years ago

In all of these posts I don't think I have read one addressing our mental health system. We have an absolutely inadequate mental health system in this country. Until there is accessible, affordable treatment available for those who need it and a way to mandate these folks into treatment if need be, these horrific tragedies will continue.

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4276Ytown(1309 comments)posted 2 years ago

~najjj Consider this from the National Institute of Mental Health website: http://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/public...
"Mental disorders are common in the United States and internationally. An estimated 26.2 percent of Americans ages 18 and older — about one in four adults — suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year.1 When applied to the 2004 U.S. Census residential population estimate for ages 18 and older, this figure translates to 57.7 million people.2 Even though mental disorders are widespread in the population, the main burden of illness is concentrated in a much smaller proportion — about 6 percent, or 1 in 17 — who suffer from a serious mental illness.1 In addition, mental disorders are the leading cause of disability in the U.S. and Canada.3 Many people suffer from more than one mental disorder at a given time. Nearly half (45 percent) of those with any mental disorder meet criteria for 2 or more disorders, with severity strongly related to comorbidity."

In an earlier post I said: We've raised a generation of children who have been desensitized to violence, sex and morality. What was once wrong is now right.

There will always be people around us who have illnesses, or snap, or are pure evil. Gun control will not solve the matter of people who do harm to others.

Innocence has been lost. We've turned our backs on God and his commandments. Now we're paying the price.

We are all capable of evil, but what separates us from the others is respect for human life, empathy, sympathy and a conscience.

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43Ytownnative(1065 comments)posted 2 years ago

Do you know how hard it is to get someone into the mental health system if they don;t want to?

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44najjjj(106 comments)posted 2 years ago

Do you know how hard it is to get someone into the mental health system if they don;t want to?

Ytownnative.....yes I do know, at present it is next to impossible to mandate a mentally ill person into treatment. You will be told that unless or until the person has committed a crime, nothing can be done. That is a major part of the problem. There used to be a system in place to commit the mentally ill into locked facilities for treatment. Even if it was still possible to take that route (which it's not) most locked mental health facilities have been closed down due to funding.......and this is the price we pay.

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45jojuggie(1490 comments)posted 2 years ago

Maybe if the principal had a handgun this massacre would not have occurred.

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46Ytownnative(1065 comments)posted 2 years ago

I was told unless they are a threat to themselves or others they can;t do a thing. There is the problem. By the time you have enough to get them help its too late

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47IslandMike(757 comments)posted 2 years ago

We've had two mass shootings this week, but hey, the week isn't over!!

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48Ytownnative(1065 comments)posted 2 years ago

Mike havent heard form you in a day or so was hoping you died some painful death

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49Lifes2Short(3878 comments)posted 2 years ago


He couldn't have been that mental, to me what he did was premeditated. He killed his mother, DROVE to the school, knew how to get past the security there, dressed in black with a bullet proof vest, was armed with two handguns and a semi-automatic Bushmaster .223 rifle and shot 20 INNOCENT children and 6 adults. He had to no what he was doing. If someone is going to snap, there not going to do what this devil did beforehand.

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50najjjj(106 comments)posted 2 years ago


Believe me when I say I have absolutely no empathy for this monster. You cannot possibly believe, though, that stable human beings commit acts like this. These sick individuals need to be taken off the street before the can plan and commit these horrendous acts. Mental illness does not just fit into one neat diagnosis......it comprises a huge range from simple depression to psychosis or sociopaths, and everything in between. Most folks don't need hospitalized, but there are clearly those that do. Don't make the mistake of thinking mentally ill people are only capable of sitting in a corner drooling.

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51whitesabbath(738 comments)posted 2 years ago

If anyone wants to mail sympathy cards or letters of support and solidarity to the school, the school address appears to be: Sandy Hook Elementary School, 12 Dickenson Drive, Sandy Hook, CT 06482. Please copy/paste/share, TR anywhere you prefer. Sending a card is something small but at least it's something we can do...

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52whitesabbath(738 comments)posted 2 years ago


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53whitesabbath(738 comments)posted 2 years ago

List of victims to pray for : Charlotte Bacon, 6

Daniel Barden, 7

Rachel Davino, 29

Olivia Engel, 6

Josephine Gay, 7

Ana Marquez-Greene, 6

Dylan Hockley, 6

Dawn Hocksprung, 47

Madeline Hsu, 6

Catherine Hubbard, 6

Chase Kowalski, 7

Jesse Lewis, 6

James Mattioli, 6

Grace McDonnell, 7

Anne Marie Murphy, 52

Emilie Parker, 6

Jack Pinto, 6

Noah Pozner, 6

Caroline Previdi, 6

Jessica Rekos, 6

Avielle Richman, 6

Lauren Rousseau, 30

Mary Sherlach, 56

Victoria Soto, 27

Benjamin Wheeler, 6

Allison Wyatt, 6

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54Lifes2Short(3878 comments)posted 2 years ago


"You cannot possibly believe, though, that stable human beings commit acts like this. "

Never said that.

""These sick individuals need to be taken off the street before the can plan and commit these horrendous acts.""

If that's the case, then just about everyone is a little mentality unstable. But they don't act out on it slaughtering 20 innocent children and 6 adults.

""Mental illness does not just fit into one neat diagnosis......it comprises a huge range from simple depression to psychosis or sociopaths, and everything in between.""

Really? You think? I never said it fits into one neat diagnosis, did I? I'm bio-polar and also was/is treated for Depression. Been to a few psychiatrists in my times. So I know all about it. Don't need to lecture to me.

""Don't make the mistake of thinking mentally ill people are only capable of sitting in a corner drooling.""

Again, where did I say that? Don't bother looking because I never did.

It has more to do with society then being mental. If it was always mentally, don't you think this would've happened all through the decades, even before the meds came out? Seems like lately this is becoming a all to familiar issue. And look at the profiles of the cowards that are doing this. They seem to be fitting into a certain type.

Only the beginning....



God Bless Newtown, Conn. and Sandy Hook Elementary.

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55najjjj(106 comments)posted 2 years ago


I don't see anyplace in my post where I quoted you directly. I was simply stating my point of view, just as you did yours. There is really no reason to be so hostile. This we surely do not need.

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56cambridge(3109 comments)posted 2 years ago

If owning and guns and assault weapons made people safe then America would be the safest country in the world. That doesn't seem the case.

Hand guns and military style assault weapons are designed for shooting people and should be outlawed. Only guns designed for hunting (shooting animals) should be legal.

This tragedy shows what happens when an idiot gun owner with concerns for her sons mental health teaches that same disturbed son how to use guns that are kept in the home he lives in. What could go wrong?

So now all the gun nuts are focused on the poor victims and this isn't the time to look at gun control. If you're really concerned, you should forget about those kids and as some would say, six lazy freeloading teachers, their dead. If you really care you would be focused on the kind of gun control that would keep these kind of tragedies from happening again and again and again.

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57andersonathan(675 comments)posted 2 years ago


Suggest removal:

58Lifes2Short(3878 comments)posted 2 years ago


"There is really no reason to be so hostile. "

Me? Hostile? Highly doubtful, I'm the most laid back person you could ever meet. Life is way to short to get upset over things you can't control.


"If you really care you would be focused on the kind of gun control that would keep these kind of tragedies from happening again and again and again."

Sad to say but that will never happen. Not in our lifetime.

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59BusDriver(46 comments)posted 2 years ago

Stricter Gun Control laws is not what is wrong its the violent mentality of society. If this mother knew he had these mental issues why would you take him to the gun range and keep these guns in your home. My heart goes out to the families of Conn.

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60Guins(13 comments)posted 2 years ago

This makes me so sad. Prayers for the families of the students and teachers. Not to mention the officers and first responders. I was in high school when columbine happened, in college for Virginia Tech and I am from Chardon. I am beyond thinking this could never happen to me. Oh and God help you who are so heartlessly making your sarcastic comments it is a slap in the face to that poor community.

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61kurtw(938 comments)posted 2 years ago

Every time something like this happens there is all this useless hand-wringing and weeping as if that changes anything. Buckets of tears are shed and then- sure as clock-work- there is the same kind of event again and then the hand-wringing and weeping starts all over again. It's a never ending cycle.

If we want to get a handle as to what causes a young man to spray lead in a school and kill 20 children and six teachers- we should look for patterns: defining psychological characteristics that fit all, or most, of the actors in these psycho-dramas. Because that is what we have here- a psycho-drama with fatal consequences for the innocent who stood in the way.

He started by killing his mother. Does that tell you anything? The closest, most intimate bond any man has is with his own mother- she gave him life, she nurtured him, but, at some point, nurture becomes smothering and, so, in order not to be suffocated, the young boy starts to rebel- usually in some physical, or violent way (you see this in young boys in the playground) and that active, even violent, pattern becomes even more pronounced with puberty and infusion of testosterone.

I spoke of seeking a pattern in cases of violent, out of control men and boys. What we should look for is an over-active mother and a missing or under-active father. The father (or father-figure) is the moderating influence in curbing the young boys natural aggressiveness and constructively channeling it. Without the influence of a mature male the un-mentored young man is highly likely to become caught up in a spiral of increasingly violent behavior. We saw that in Newtown (and it's also the reason, I believe, so many Black young men resort to violence. Same pattern. Most black male babies are raised exclusively by women- scant or missing male influence. That's the pattern. A recipe for creating violent men).

Anyway, don't take my word for it- that's just my opinion- but I think if you spoke to a Psychiatrist he would, more or less, agree. None of this is rocket science, by the way, just common sense, really.

P.S, I think banning assault style weapons might be a good idea- but it won' stop any of this. Maybe if we banned broken homes, single parent-hood, family dysfunction- that might help. I'm betting if you analyzed the backgrounds of most mass or serial killers- you'd find a dysfunctional family of some kind.

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62kurtw(938 comments)posted 2 years ago

Also, talking about gun-control. I believe in the right to bear arms, but, playing devils-advocate for a moment, I think talking about controlling gun-ownership is the wrong approach- there are 300 million guns out there, right,- far to many to recall- but they need a constant supply of ammunition. Control or stop that and eventually the stockpile of ammo will disappear and guns will become just paper-weights.

Another point, talking about "assault weapons"- yesterday I drove around in Boardman Christmas Shopping- a real crush- pedestrians everywhere and, the thought came to me, right now I'm driving a weapon every bit as lethal as any fire-arm- my car- if I had wanted to, I could have mowed down dozens of pedestrians in just a few minutes- and I would have been in my "get-a-way" vehicle.

Should we restrict car ownership? Limit people to bicycles?

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63AnotherAverageCitizen(1175 comments)posted 2 years ago

""I could have mowed down dozens of pedestrians in just a few minutes- and I would have been in my "get-a-way" vehicle.

Should we restrict car ownership? Limit people to bicycles? ""

We do need a license to drive a car. We need to renew the vehicle registration yearly. There are speed limits. If someone other then the owners uses car, the owner is still responsible.

Kurt, nobody said they are going to take your guns away.

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6476Ytown(1309 comments)posted 2 years ago

Who's going to head the gun control ban...Holder? Too bad gun control was not thought about before Fast & Furious...government intentionally putting assault weapons in the hands of criminals. Maybe this will help move the investigation forward.

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65IslandMike(757 comments)posted 2 years ago

It's been a while since I last posted here because I've been busy praying for the victims of the NEXT mass shooting. Thank God for those guns that keep us all so safe!!

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66kurtw(938 comments)posted 2 years ago

The point I was trying to make when I talked about using a car to kill people, is one that most people- myself included- do not wish to acknowledge: that in a modern inter-connected society we are all more or less vulnerable to each other.

The only way to escape the possibility of some deranged person killing you (or the people you love) is to become a hermit. Go live in the Canadian Wilderness far removed from other humans (who might shoot you) and you'll be safe, but, of course, up there your chances of dying at the hands (paws) of a timber wolf, Puma, or Grizzly, increase exponentially. Or, you could just quietly freeze or starve to death- but, look at it this way (here's the bright side) no other human being is going to hurt you.

I'm not trying to suggest that stricter gun laws are not needed- I believe they are: I have a Shotgun, and I thought about getting a handgun of some kind- but I have no desire to own anything like the Bushmaster- it's a military weapon- why would anyone (except someone not quite right upstairs) feel the need to own one. They spray dozens of bullets- it's not target practice, it's not hunting- what is the point? Again, I think, people who go into these kinds of weapons have an elevator that doesn't quite reach the upper floors. Military style weapons should be restricted to the military- they do not belong in the hands of amateur-civilians.

But, having said that, I do not believe in a total ban. Imagine , for a moment, total gun-control- no ballistic weapons of any kind- then what? Would we be any safer? How about butcher knives or hammers? How about explosives or gasoline? How about poison? Do you realize that anyone that wanted to could find a way to poison Meander Reservoir and kill thousands. The possibility for human ingenuity- and evil- are endless.

Also, getting back to my original example, every one of us behind the wheel of a motor vehicle possesses control of a potential weapon far deadlier than any Bushmaster. Today, driving my 4,000 pound Ranger pickup, I could have wiped out sixteen pedestrians just driving from Boardman to Austintown- and then made my getaway or drove and killed another sixteen somewhere else.

Of course, if I had been riding a bicycle instead of behind the wheel of a 4,000 pound pick-up, the chances of my killing anyone- except myself- would have been greatly reduced. Logically, then limit everyone to bicycles to save lives.

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67kurtw(938 comments)posted 2 years ago

Also, another example of a lethal weapon is the sword- do you realize that an expert swordsman- such as a Samurai- could go into an auditorium with fifty people and 15 minutes later all fifty of those people would have been butchered. That's how brutally effective an expert swordsman is.

Or, you could do the same with a sledgehammer. Or, you could go into a place- find a way to pour in gasoline and burn everyone to death- or you could open a gas main and explode the whole building. Or... Do I make my point?

We are all vulnerable and we always will be, to some extent, unless we move North- and get eaten by Wolves or freeze to death. Life isn't perfect.

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68kurtw(938 comments)posted 2 years ago

To: Anotheraveragecitizen.

FYI: I'm not a gun collector or a gun fanatic at all. I have one gun. A 20 Gauge Ithaca pump shotgun- a weapon for hunting or skeet shooting as well as, if needed, personal defense: I keep it propped in a corner of my bedroom with 4 rounds in the magazine (chamber empty), but, I say a prayer to it every night: I tell it: "I respect you for what you are capable of, I have learned to handle you safely, and I thank you having the capacity to save my life."

People "afraid of guns", might as well be afraid of butcher-knives, swords, sledge-hammers, gasoline, explosives, poisons, bacteria, Pickup Trucks, etc. The list is endless.

You cant' "license" or control any of these things and you can't control what goes on in the brain of another human being.

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69cambridge(3109 comments)posted 2 years ago

kurt....I can't tell you how much safer I feel since learning that you pray to your gun.

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70wolfeevans(2 comments)posted 2 years ago

It is awful to read most of these posts. They are mindless and embarassisng to the writers. Yes, there are changes that could be made to gun laws and school protection. Let's reasonably work these out. Children are killed. We as Americans should all be saddened. We should all pray to our God, whoever that may be for you, that we can restore faith, love and a fear of that God to live better lives. Today, pray to your God to give this country a conscience to understand what we are doing to it. Our President says we are no longer a Christian nation. Sad, but whatever your beliefs, practice them. Speak out against the vulgarity of TV ads and programs, the violence portrayed as the American way of life. Pray for a return to morality and common sense which most of Americans seem to lack. We have taken the easy way out for too long.

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71southsidedave(4864 comments)posted 2 years ago

At least Adam Lanza spared the State the expense of a trial and incarceration...may the victims R.I.P.

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