Man says masked men threatened 2-year-old with knife

Staff report


A 53-year-old Jefferson Street Southwest man reported that two masked men hit him in the head, then took his 2-year-old daughter and held a knife to her throat while demanding drugs.

The man said he had arrived at his house at 9 p.m. Sunday, took his daughter out of the car and was carrying her to the house when he was struck in the head.

He fell to the ground and then saw two masked men, one of them holding a gun. The men ordered him into his house and demanded to know where the prescription painkillers were, but the victim said he had none.

That’s when one of the men grabbed the child, held a steak knife to her neck and threatened to kill her if the man didn’t give them drugs. The victim still denied having drugs, and the men took him from room to room.

The men struck the victim in the face with the gun. The child then ran to her father, and the suspects punched the victim in the face and told him not to leave the bathroom.

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