Neither vulnerable. South deals.


xA 7

uJ 6 5

vQ 10 8 4

wA Q 8 3


x10 8 4 xK 5 3 2

u10 9 8 2 uK Q 7 4

v9 v6 3

w10 9 7 6 2 wK J 4


xQ J 9 6

uA 3

vA K J 7 5 2


The bidding:


1v Pass 2w Pass

2x Pass 4v Pass

4u Pass 4x Pass

4NT* Pass 5x** Pass

5NT Pass 6w Pass

6v Pass Pass Pass

*Roman Key-Card Blackwood

**Two key cards and the queen of trumps

Opening lead: Ten of u

You have bid well to reach an excellent slam. You have two chances to get home. Can you spot them?

You need either to find West with the king of spades or, if not, to be able to ruff out the king of clubs!

Win the opening lead in hand, cash the ace of clubs and ruff a club. Return to dummy with a trump and ruff another club. When the king appears, you can claim your slam. Dummy’s queen will take care of your heart loser and you lose only a spade.

Should the king of clubs fail to show up, you have to fall back on the spade finesse. If that loses as well — tough luck! You were in a good slam!

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