Stem cell support needed

The Michigan Daily, Ann Arbor, Mich.: Four years ago, Michigan made an important step forward for science. The state passed Proposal 2, a 2008 ballot proposal, and ended the 30-year ban on embryonic stem cell line usage in Michigan. However, little progress has been made since then, as the state has not garnered the funding necessary to support these projects.

Now Michigan is falling well behind the rest of the country and is stuck looking for ways to revive a depressed economy. Michigan and the University must make stem cell research a top priority, and allow it to jump-start the science economy.

In comparison to other states, Michigan has lagged behind in fundraising for stem cell research. Even after Proposal 2’s passage, Michigan has been slow to enact any significant changes due to a lack of interest from private investors.

Despite Michigan’s fundraising obstacles, the University has continued to be a leader in stem cell research. Since 2009, the University has made several significant strides.

The National Institutes of Health added the stem cell line UM4-6 to its registry, along with two others that are pending NIH approval. Michigan must continue to be a leader, particularly since the state hasn’t received significant funding.

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