Marriage licenses

David A. Beyer, 47, of 4569 Kirk Road, Apt. 9, Austintown, and Georgia I. Eicher, 41, of same.

Freddie L. Caldwell III, 23, of 546 Fourth St., Struthers, and Jessica L. Burrows, 31, of same.

Richard G. McIe, 48, of 922 Braceville Robinson Road, NW, Newton Falls, and Dana L. Drewek, 45, of 16728 Parkview Ave., Lake Milton.

John J. Mihaley III, 43, of 4877 Hopkins Road, Youngstown, and Nicole L. Danish, 29, of 3458 Tangent St., Youngstown.

Gerald L. Womack Jr., 31, of 835 Avondale Ave., Youngstown, and Dwayla M. Moody, 23, of same.

Titus P. Greer, 44, of 513 Glacier Heights Road, Youngstown, and Karla A. Caradine-Reed, 43, of same.

Dissolutions asked

Chris Trikilis, of 75 Struthers Liberty Road, Campbell, and Pete Trikilis, of same.

Lisa A. Shears, of 1808 Paisley St., Unit 23, Youngstown, and Daryl K. Shears, of 2896 S. Meridian Road, Youngstown.

Jamie L. Rucker, of 135 Fern Hollow Drive, Moon Township, Pa., and Michelle R. Rucker, of 1403 Sunny Drive, Girard.

Garry L. Galloway II, of 288 Rome Drive, Austintown, and Catherine J. Galloway, of 380 Coitsville-Hubbard Road, Youngstown.

Leigh A. Klem, of 1953 S. Raccoon Road, Apt. 5, Youngstown, and Jason H. Fritz, of 1223 Cross Drive, Youngstown.

Domestic relations

Connie L. Alexander v. Donald A. Alexander, dissolution granted.

Coleen E. Downie v. David S. Downie, dissolution granted.

Suzanne M. Greenaway v. Robert C. Greenaway, dissolution granted.

Jason M. Belanger v. Rachelle M. Belanger, dissolution granted, wife returns to former name of Rachelle M. Penwell.

Stephanie Kruse v. Andrew C. Kruse, dissolution granted.

Jennifer L. Farris v. George P. Farris, dissolution granted.

Richard Eaton v. Jessica L. Eaton, dissolution granted, wife returns to former name of Jessica L. Odea.

Renee J. Price v. James R. Price Jr., dissolution granted.

Julie A. Olarte v. Fabian Olarte, dissolution granted, wife returns to former name of Julie A. Anderson.

Sally J. Zorzi v. Thomas R. Zorzi Jr., dissolution granted.

Melissa L. Streb v. Matthew S. Streb, dissolution granted, wife returns to former name of Melissa L. Shipley.

Jessica A. Colapietro v. Carmen Colapietro, dissolution granted.

Brenda Rach v. David Rach, dissolution granted.

Katie Drennen v. Bryan R. Drennen, dissolution granted.

David J. Chandler v. Stacey L. Chandler, dissolution granted.

Nanci E. Rich v. Patrick D. Rich, divorce to both.

Nicholas N. Poniris v. Kaliope A. Poniris, divorce to both.

Jeremiah L. Miller v. Dawn A. Miller, divorce to both, wife returns to former name of Dawn A. Frazier.

Bryan P. Parlos v. Felicia R. Ciminero-Parlos, divorce to defendant, wife returns to former name of Felicia R. Ciminero.

Erin G. Ligore v. Carl A. Ligore, divorce to plaintiff, wife returns to former name of Erin G. Johnson.

Ashley N. Himes v. Michael R. Everly, divorce to plaintiff.

Mary P. Demaiolo v. Steven M. Demaiolo et al, divorce to plaintiff, wife returns to former name of Mary Pipino.

Carla M. McIntire v. Ronald L. Amidei, divorce to plaintiff.

David J. King v. Elizabeth J. King, divorce to both.

Lori Lucia v. Vincent Lucia, divorce to both.

Jennifer Kolat v. Bryon Kolat, divorce to plaintiff.

Anita L. Wainwright v. Louis L. Wainwright, divorce to both.

Amy J. Knauf v. Damon T. Knauf, divorce to both.

Michael A. Guerriero v. Melissa Guerriero, divorce to plaintiff.

Pamela L. Miokovic v. Ronald J. Miokovic, divorce to both.

Angela S. McLendon v. Andre M. Carter, divorce to plaintiff.

Gregory C. McGeorge v. Tina M. McGeorge, divorce to plaintiff.

James P. Hall v. Stacie L. Hall, divorce to plaintiff.

Danielle S. Wright v. Scott M. Wright, divorce to both.

Penelope S. Pinkerton v. Eric A. Pinkerton, divorce to plaintiff.

Ramsey Esmail v. Inssar A. Esmail, divorce to plaintiff.

Jeffrey Gregory v. Margaret R. Gregory, divorce to plaintiff.

Alitha A. Waller v. Ronell Waller, divorce to plaintiff, wife returns to former name of Alitha A. Spenncer.

Stephanie Boykin v. Jimmy L. Boykin, divorce to plaintiff.

Luz E. Fragosa-Franklin v. Lamonte Franklin, divorce to plaintiff, wife returns to former name of Luz E. Fragosa.

Patrick J. Luther v. Rebecca A. Seidner, divorce to plaintiff.

William J. Warchol v. Penny L. Warchol, divorce to plaintiff.

Carrie A. Nichols v. Charles B. Nichols Jr., divorce to plaintiff, wife returns to former name of Carrie A. Taylor.

Christopher J. Village v. Angela M. Village, divorce to plaintiff.

Tamika Saunders v. Glenn Saunders, divorce to plaintiff, wife returns to former name of Tamika Adair.

Amber D. Hahn v. Alexander Z. Hahn, divorce to plaintiff, wife returns to former name of Amber D. McCabe.

MJ Munholand v. William C. Munholand Jr., dismissed.

Santos Rivera v. Theresa Rivera, divorce to plaintiff.

Jennifer M. Stockton v. Christian K. Hattow, divorce to plaintiff.

Michael McCale v. Tina McCale, divorce to both.

Shirley J. Galloway v. Richard D. Galloway Jr., divorce to plaintiff.

Koneca Gilmore v. Kelan L. Gilmore, divorce to plaintiff, wife returns to former name of Koneca Johnson.

April L. Hileman v. Russell Hileman, divorce to plaintiff.

Sheryl A. Mamounis v. William P. Mamounis Sr., divorce to plaintiff, wife returns to former name of Sheryl A. Lasky.

Lisa McMannis v. Barry McMannis, dismissed.

Melissa Popson v. Justin Popson, dismissed.

Felicia R. Ciminero v. Bryan P. Parlos, dismissed.

Cynthia M. Kramer v. Aaron R. Kramer, dismissed.

Lisa B. Maiden v. Tyrell L. Maiden, dismissed.

Shannon M. Siddens v. Mark E. Adkins, dismissed.

Debra Decembly v. Joe Coleman, dismissed.

Tisha Collins v. Jesse Collins, dismissed.

Jamie Clapsaddle-Davis v. Joshua Davis, dismissed.

Jamie Clapsaddle-Davis v. Holly J. Davis, dismissed.

Diane Kluchar v. Michael G. Kluchar, dismissed.

Michele L. Moore v. Shawn W. Moore, dismissed.

Laquita M. Clark v. Franklin O. Lewis, dismissed.

Shelly Vakasy v. Nicholas Cavucci, dismissed.

Jessica L. Black v. Stephen J. Hrusovski III, dismissed.

Mary Palermo v. Scarlett Sieger, dismissed.

Brea McClendon v. Tyne McClendon, dismissed.

Celena McCullough v. Paul McCullough, dismissed.

Carolyn S. Berlin v. Steven B. Farkas, dismissed.

Christopher A. Kitchen v. Dennis J. Kitchen, dismissed.

Ashley R. Crawford v. Steven R. Lynn, dismissed.

Amanda L. Taylor v. Phillip R. Latimer, dismissed.

Louise Tubic v. Rebecca Vanscoy, dismissed.

Christine G. Perez v. Carol A. Morris, dismissed.

Salena Johnson v. Darius Holcomb, dismissed.

Masun D. Foster v. Alisha Davis, dismissed.

Andre K. Springs v. Sheila Springs, dismissed.

Belinda R. Shaffer v. Terry R. Perry, dismissed.

Sean E. McCord v. Christine Simmons, dismissed.

Charles N. Wagoner v. Alyssa A. Wagoner, dismissed.

Tracey L. Stone v. James W. Hayes, dismissed.

Brian Barnes v. Amber Weekly, dismissed.

Heather N. Belanger v. Cody H. Luckey, dismissed.

Barbara A. Pusser v. Patricia Cooper, dismissed.

Barbara A. Pusser v. Thomas F. Kane III, dismissed.

Robert Anderson v. Erica Anderson, dismissed.

Lori Rom v. Thomas Howley, dismissed.

Michele Wisser v. Eric Blackburn, dismissed.

Peggy K. Cassidy v. Harry F. Caddisy, dismissed.

Margaret Davis v. Darin Davis, dismissed.

Ronald Davis v. Darin Davis, dismissed.

Joseph M. Eckenrode v. Karlie Snyder, dismissed.

Terry L. Dueley v. Carla L. Paris, dismissed.

Becky J. Kimble v. Robert A. Delsignore, dismissed.

Lynnese L. Spann v. Christopher Lopez, dismissed.

Paula L. Parkman v. Clayton E. Mayo, dismissed.


State v. Sierra N. Madison, sentenced to six months in prison.

BAC Home Loans Servicing et al v. Randy L. Wisniewski et al, order of magistrate.

HSBC Mortgage Services Inc. v. Richard Malago et al, confirmation of sale, ordering deed and distribution.

Marco Torres et al v. Edward J. Knapick et al, decision of magistrate.

CitiBank South Dakota NA v. Pamela J. Garver, order of magistrate.

Fannie Mae v. John Caparoula et al, confirmation of sale, ordering deed and distribution.

Linda Heini v. Victoria L. Wheeler et al, settled and dismissed.

US Bank NA v. Chastity D. Brown et al, order of magistrate.

Terrance Gallagher v. Andrew J. Carchedi et al, dismissed.

Huntington National Bank v. Cory P. Liquore et al, foreclosure.

American Tax Funding LLC v. Dawn M. Jones et al, forfeiture ordered.

Kevin L. Mills v. Haiss Fabripart LLC et al, settled and dismissed.

Alex Burrell v. Mary Conway et al, order of magistrate.

First Communications LLC v. Kenneth Voitus et al, order of magistrate.

CitiMortgage Inc v. Dale T. Polya et al, order of magistrate.

Bank of America NA v. Tamara R. Benzo et al, dismissed.

Maura Myers et al v. Carly M. Conklin et al, order of magistrate.

Bank of America v. Talcott G. Kauffman et al, foreclosure.

Ohio BWC v. Roseann Thornton et al, dismissed.

Bank of America NA v. Carrie C. Anderson et al, order of magistrate.

LVNV Funding LLC v. Amanda A. Newland, default judgment.

Home Savings and Loan of Youngstown v. Cathleen Glaser et al, order of magistrate.

PNC Bank NA et al v. Dondi Searcy Jr. et al, foreclosure.

Myrtle Banks v. Accord Home Health Services Inc., settled and dismissed.

Joseph Borosky v. Village of Craig Beach, order of magistrate.

Midland Funding DE LLC v. Orlando Cruz, judgment for plaintiff.

Angela McLendon v. Autumn Elliott, dismissed.

Loretta Gilmer v. Sabrina Dorsey, order of magistrate.

Christina Petrosky v. Nancy A. Colon, dismissed.

John H. Stephens v. Henry Panfil II, dismissed.

Kenneth Artis v. Taia Wimberly, dismissed.

Sebrina Graham v. Devlin Simpson, dismissed.

Danielle Richardson v. Alvin Tucker, dismissed.

Mark McGhee v. Jodi A. Wiseman, dismissed.

Luiz O. Figueroa-Baez v. Jose Laviena, dismissed.

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