Neither vulnerable. West deals.


xA 9 7 6 4


vA 8 6 4

w9 3 2


xK 10 3 xVoid

uK 10 8 4 3 uQ 9 7 5 2

v10 vK Q J 7 5

wQ J 7 5 w10 6 4


xQ J 8 5 2

uA J

v9 3 2

wA K 8

The bidding:


Pass Pass Pass 1x

Pass 2x 2NT* Dbl

Pass 4u** Pass 4x

Pass Pass Pass

*Any two-suiter


Opening lead: Ten of v

This problem is from the Daily Bulletin of the ACBL Summer North American Championship. Given that the bidding strongly suggests that West holds the king of trumps, can you protect against a 3-0 spade split?

Win the ace of diamonds and lead a heart to the jack at trick two! West wins and plays a club. Win in hand and run the jack of trumps, confirming your fears. Cash the ace of hearts, discarding a club from the table, and ruff a club. Now cash the ace of spades and exit with a spade, throwing West on lead. The defender must give you a ruff-sluff and a diamond loser vanishes!

2012 Tribune Media Services

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