Mahoning Valley is on verge of a new economic era

Mahoning Valley is on verge of a new economic era

In the late ’70s and early ’80s, as the steel industry collapsed from Youngstown to Chicago, there was a mass exodus from this region to Houston, Texas, for jobs in the oil industry.

Now with the shale industry coming, Youngstown has the potential of becoming the Houston of the North. We are at the threshold of an economic recovery that will give our work force a standard of living it has not enjoyed in years.

There are challenges ahead, but with some vision and common sense, a common ground can be reached where everyone can move forward.

It’s not rocket science, you just need to have the vision.

James Eidel, Beaver Township

Hilarity belongs on comic page

The Vindicator printed a col umn Dec. 3 titled “Obama saved capitalism.”

While I still can’t stop laughing long enough to pick myself off the floor to comment on the author’s hilarious supposition, I do ponder that if The Vindy feels the need to print such silly columns, at least be enough of a wisenheimer to place them on the comics page where they belong.

Frank Santolla, North Lima